Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am thinking about:

Holy Week

how hot it is early in the morning already (70's today at 5:30am!)

signs of Spring in our yard

LD's birthday next week

Phil Rickman's new Merrily Watkins' book, The Remains of an Altar

my covenant group and the Lilly project

how I don't wear white dress shoes even after Easter

my LLS and LSiL

prayer and hope

What's on your mind?

St. Casserole, always thinking even if I look half-asleep


cheesehead said...

I'm thinking about:

the rain
Maundy Thursday
vacation next week

Quotidian Grace said...

Maundy Thursday service,Good Friday service,or both?
DK and his Florida Gators
Astros melt-down on opening day
planting roses I bought yesterday
presbytery kerfuffles
small group wrap-up
Easter reunions

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Baby gator and maybe FSIL
loving the artistic side of Bebo
Feeling teary
Wanting the phone to ring

Songbird said...

a double wedding tomorrow
foot washing and what it really means
the uselessness of old valves
gray hair
snow on April 3rd
my love far away
living into the Resurrection

nightwoodkitty said...

piano practice
dryer belts
topical v. oral arthritis remedies
pollen on cat fur
Russia in the early 20th century
how long til French Open starts?
will Coach G. leave Duke?
leftover gefilte fish

NotShyChiRev said...

--my Easter Sermon, which isn't coming
--the church directory, which isn't finished
--the coming freeze this week and the plants in peril
--having to shave off my beard next week
--how to dance in even a low heel
--a hymn I'm writing for the retirement of Bigwig in Another Denomination this June
--the fact that Cheese Casserole was the best thing about General Assembly last year, and I miss it/them.

zorra said...

1. not writing reports tonight, PTL
2.just realized I forgot to tape that show about Aimee Semple McPherson last night, so I can't watch it tonight :(
3.cooking for the Seder on Thursday
4. Good Friday service
5. getting up from here and fixing supper--a Colorado Pie

(What about after Memorial Day?)

PPB said...

tuna breath
Maundy Thursday sermon
need to call body shop
what color goes with purple?
Easter eggs for Ronald McDonald House
when do I next get to eat?

Sue said...

I'm thinking about...

...the 20 cm of snow outside. Ugh.

...whether I am ready for this weekend.

...whether I should start panic mode now, or wait until morning.

...my massage tomorrow afternoon.

...how smart I was to book a massage for tomorrow afternoon.

...I need to feed the cats and go to bed.

Presbyterian Gal said...

~my cousin Richard who died at Easter time 32 years ago (blogged about him today)
~Wonderboy's appointment on Friday that may end up turning our lives upside down forever
~missing Good Friday services (darn)
~being behind on the laundry, the bills, the chores and wantin' a bubblebath

Presbytery of Mississippi Disaster Recovery said...

In no particular order:

Easter Lilies
Some struggling friends and neighbors
My mom, whose arriving today
My family all far away
A couple great churches on the coast
How many layers I'll need to wear for sunrise worship in the rain/cold on the beach
My cell phone bill
Good Friday
My little sister
What's next

Mary Beth said...

-Good Friday
-my eyes-they always feel like boiled onions after I cry
-my back hurts
-my mom
-it's supposed to SNOW Sat & Sun, here in North Texas. on Easter!
-Coldstone Creamery, thanks to WillSmama.

Lorna said...

late to the party

I'm thinking about

-Good Friday - what it means to me personally, when you strip away church what's my personal response

-returning to seminary on Sunday (so much to pack and find first)

-April - so busy with good things, how to squeeze in the routines

-puppies how much I'll miss them (and my family I guess!) when I'm away in Tallinn. They are growing so fast


-you. which is why I swung by. To bless your Easter. Tell you I appreciate you - and your writing !

Blessed Eastertime!