Friday, April 20, 2007

I look over the classified section of our local news on Friday mornings. Any estate or garage sales of interest going on this weekend?

When I began this blog, I thought I'd write about my interest in "material recycling", ie. junking.
It may be fun to find junk but it seems silly to write about it.

If I reflected on the travels of each antique piece through the first owner to me, or why this tertiary market interests me, perhaps it would be fun for you to read.

Maybe I feel silly writing about going through junk. Many people can't tolerate the idea of "old" things, others don't want anything but new. Then there are those whose material wants are so few that the idea of acquiring junk "just because I like to look at it" is repugnant.

Hello. My name is St. Casserole and I am a Junker.


Songbird said...

I think of you as a re-purposer. Doesn't that sound better?

Cathy said...

Junkin is what my grandmother always called it so that stays near and dear to my heart....

will smama said...

Maybe you should write about passenger car safety and how essential it is to wear one's seat belt and not be carrying any hot beverages when you are driving in case you should spot some 'junkin' that needs to be done!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I would so love to hit the neighborhoods with you!

I can spot a sale sign from blocks away.