Monday, April 25, 2005

Although it's a tad after 7am. the LD is moving slowly toward school. The Student Council results are announced today. As I fell asleep last night I heard her roaming the house and found her at 11pm. holding a roll of drawing paper. "I can't sleep," she said. "Go to sleep," I said. I hope the results go well for her.

My bloggie pal Mark of the Lepper Colony comments that he ran for Stu Co every year without success. I understand this. I'm proud he ran year after year. Shows leadership initiative. However, my evaluation is the perspective of an adult. As a kid, I was too shy to even consider running for a school election.

The "many rooms" John 14 sermon went well. Or at least I got a number of positive comments after preaching. I think I hit a nerve with my congregants because I spoke about grief. Grief is universal to us all. My sermon was about Jesus preparing his disciples for his death and absence then about our grief over deaths in our lives and the pain of absence from loved ones.

On the way to church yesterday I saw: goats, horses, buzzards, cattle, cats and my favorite for the week: a lone chicken in the middle of the main town road. The chicken was poised in the middle of the road trying to make that decision---should I stay or go? As I proceeded through the stop sign, chicken blasted across the street into the bushes.

I live a city life, even here in the Backwater. I don't see chickens unless they are in a plastic pack at the grocery store.

Our humidity is low and the days cool. Oh how wonderful! I want to prune more azaleas! I want to be outside!

I'll post election results as they arrive.

Glad to see you all. My local pal who reads this blog told me that my entries were like "brain gas". I'm not sure this is a compliment. I did laugh at the idea that I blow off brain steam here on the blog and assume it is, at least, true partially.


St. Casserole said...

Oh! I forgot to say that I want to meet at Martha's table. I want Mary2 with us,as well. Thank you to Rev.Mommy who sent along her funeral meditation on John 14. How kind you ALL are! Many thanks

reverendmother said...


I'm dying of suspense!

mark said...

the results HAVE to be in by now!!!
keeping my fingers crossed!

PPB said...


~m2~ said...

there has GOT to be a connection between fowl and pastors trying to get to their favorite pastor friend was on his way home from somewhere in the middle of podunk and had no cell phone and up ahead, much to his surprise, was a GINORMOUS turkey following around his would-be paramour.

he said he stopped the car completely because the turkey was eyeing him - he could see his head over the front of the car, it was that huge - and then started pecking away at his headlights and totally freaking out on his car!

he sat there, dumbstruck over the anger of this bird - i guess he (tky) thought my bud's car was going to win over his suitor before he had a chance.

he actually sat and waited, honked his horn, loudly, to no avail. took about 10 minutes of turkey abuse before he could finally move his car and get on his way.

there has to be an object lesson in there somewhere. please find it for me.

(congratulations to your daughter :)