Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hello? Is anyone here?
My keyboard is dusty. Cobwebs on my screen. Been off-line for days.
I think I'm back. Two techs, three home visits, much fiddling with this computer.

I missed you all.

The Ps.23 sermon went well on Sunday. I was glad to be back with my people after 2 Sundays off.

I'm the home campaign manager and chief financial officer for a middle school student council race. I woke up this morning worrying that her posters wouldn't communicate quickly enough as the students pass by them. Oh puleeze! Must I be competitive even about a child's stu co race? I attached ribboned cards to about 60 wooden pencils last night. I bought suckers (known to you as lolipops?) for hand outs then discovered that she can't give out food incentives. The election is Friday. Thank goodness that the campaign begins today and ends on Friday. My nerves couldn't take it. Cheers to the LD for entering the race. Someone bring me a sedative for my nerves....

I think I've forgotten how to blog. More later and glad to see you!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back St. C.

Like my car, I can work a computer, I just can't fix one. Computer repairmen, to me, are like the old travelling miracle cure sellers. They can tell you anything and you have no way to really tell if it is the truth or some more rot-gut. And, I am so happy when it is working, I really could care less what was wrong. PLEASE, JUST FIX IT.

I often think I should be a better steward of my money and learn more about electronics and computers, that I should take a course on this, that I should pay more attention when Geeks-R-Us works on my hard drive and software, then, like John Belushi on an old Saturday Night Live, my mind goes, Nahhhhhhhhhh, and I go work in the yard or read a book, disclaiming my pathetic abilities in the computer work by occuping myself with easier things.

Sorry about going on the tangent,

nightwoodkitty said...

Being competitive moves us towards excellence.



Preacher Mom said...

Welcome back!

Hey, I understand where you are on both counts. I was in the computer black hole myself a few weeks back. And as for the lengths we go for our children - I'm right there with you. We are their best cheerleaders!