Sunday, April 10, 2005

Odd day. I've a vacation Sunday. No sermon to prepare. No bulletin to create. No panty hose and preacher clothes today.

How did I spend the day? I did nothing. Wasn't an intentional Sabbath but rather a day of feeling out-of-sorts and icky. Icky because of the theater popcorn last night which, I believe, had been popped with oil from last year. Out-of-sorts because a day I'd planned to use for holding hands with my LH during worship didn't happen. He sat near me most of the day feeling rotten, too. Between us, we went through a box of kleenex, grumbled about pollen, popcorn and feeling poorly. I like doing stuff with my LH but illness doesn't count as companionable time.

However, he is companionable, though more quiet, even when he is poorly. He's a prince and I mean it.

Today feels like time stuck somewhere not-so-pleasant because it feels like wasted time.

I'm sorry I've been wailing about needing time away from the pulpit. I'm ready to go back to my regular week with regular study time and reflection. I'm ready.

Talk to you later, tater.

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