Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring Dishwashing Press Release

Today is a beautiful day here in the Backwater. A beautiful day in a beautiful month, I think. Temperate weather, blue skies, not warm enough for mosquitos or wasps with lots of pruning to be done, preachers to drink coffee with and a new dishwasher coming this afternoon. Yippee!

The Old Man Cat is venturing outside to enjoy Spring. With the Gang of Terror Cats gone he can sun on the driveway and sit on the courtyard bricks remembering his youth as Squirrel Mangler or Running For No Reason Cat or Big Cat in the Neighborhood.

I feel great, too. Pruning has upset my shoulders and one elbow but with tylenol and ice, I continue to rejoice in cutting back the straggly azaleas. I saw a pile of fire ants yesterday and heaped OT curses upon them. I hope I didn't frighten the neighbors.

The new dishwasher will be here this afternoon and the installer will place it under the kitchen counter where I will load it to the gills and turn it on. The Casserole Family dishwasher gets a workout. I realized durning the mourning period for the old dishwasher (after it's death) that no one in this family knows how to wash a dish by hand. I'd like to nominate this as one of the signs that I do too much for them. Go ahead and report me to the Mother's League of Bad Moms. I know I deserve a public reprimand. I taught the LD to wash by hand. The LS did a good job under the tutelage of his sister and the LH merely passed by the full kitchen sink and rose above the situation.

I washed dishes almost every day. I can tolerate a full sink dirty dishes and with all my travels last week, I was pushed for time. I hoped others might want to try washing dishes but this was just another fantasy. Anyway, while washing dishes I recalled my grandfather's suggestion that we learn to enjoy the tasks we have to do. He's right and I've applied this wisdom to the many household jobs which I do each day or week which if I considered them intently would make me run out of the house screaming. Do about anything around me but do not bore me.

Housework is boring. I wait for the new dishwasher with a grateful heart and enough dishes to make the new dishwasher feel welcome.

Blessings to all of you today.

I remain,


Friday Mom said...

"Do anything around me but do not bore me."


~m2~ said...

I saw a pile of fire ants yesterday and heaped OT curses upon them. I hope I didn't frighten the neighbors.

you crack me up.

i used to wash dishes by hand all the time. thought it was therapeutic.

it was all over at that point when i realized there was much more therapy out there for me than warm, sudsy water and an angry older sister who maligned every dish i handed her as not being *clean enough*


PPB said...

I love washing dishes with my dad. Once a year. Other than that, it's all about the dishwasher.

Anonymous said...

Tennyson said about poetry, I believe, that it is a "willing suspension of disbelief."

To wash dishes by hand, over and over again, one must do this--whether calling it prayer (thank you Kathleen Norris) or signing along with music and dancing or imagining this to be a good thing to do for your family----one must not think about scraping the half eaten lasagna or mac-n-cheese off the germ ridden plate.

Once one has had the experience of hand cleaning, one then has the wonderful opportunity to say a prayer for all the engineers and technology nuts who invented the great American dishwasher. Amen.

Aola said...

We just last year remodeled my kitchen and installed my first ever dishwasher (I just never really saw the need for one)but now I have seen the light and don't think I could manage without it. My kids (who are required one dish night a week were very glad I made the move into this century).