Friday, April 01, 2005

Goodbye to All this Empire

Oh rats! The LH gave me yesterday's stack of mail this morning. I wasn't home until last night and flopped on the sofa as soon as I returned so I hadn't see the mail. I got a notice from a NY state attorney that "St. Casserole" is a copywrited name of a client in Italy and that I must desist using the name for this blog. There goes my empire of t-shirts, coffee mugs and tote bags, too. I hadn't even gotten around to learning how to load pictures or even a favorites list. I have some readers I would hate to lose.

The LH and I do not know any NY state attorneys to contact to help us nor do we want to spend money on fighting what seems to us to be a silly case. Why would I be confused with an Italian St. Casserole? I know 20 words in Italian, not enough to write one blog entry. I don't want to anger the other St.C so I won't say more.

I'll have to change my blog name. Do you have any suggestions? St. Fried Chicken does not work nor does St. June Cleaver or even, St. Backwater. Help me out here. I have until the 3rd to make a new blog.

Rats. Double Rats.


the reverend mommy said...

St. Jello-Mold is not so good.
St. Bread and Butter
St. RelishTray
St. Presbyterian
St. Saucepan
Compared to these, St. June Cleaver is pretty good, actually.

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Casserole,

Horrors! The nightmare of litigation is at your narthex!

I suggest you contact, Bill Allot at Dewey,Cheatam & Howe, NYC,NY, who handled the aggressive defense when Congressman Tom DeLay tried to copyright the term "Sleezebag".

If you fail, I suggest St. Chickensalad, but only because St. GreenbeansinMushroomsoup is probably taken.

Good wishes,

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a pain. For what it's worth (not much), my husband, who's followed similar cases, thought this seemed pretty lame, more like a petty harassment thing. Protecting copyright is one thing, but give me a break. Oh well, what're you gonna do.

Don't worry though. I'm sure your regulars will come to the new spot.

No good blognames are coming to mind though...

St. Potluck?

I'm sure you'll think of something!

I'm going to sign anonymously because maybe there's some person in Timbuktu who "owns" my blog name.

Songbird said...

Gosh, I just changed mine, and I hope it isn't already taken! (The address is still the same. You will recognize me by my purple face, I imagine.)
Rev. Casserole?
St. Covered Dish? (That's what we called them in my home church years ago.)

Songbird said...

A good friend of #1 Son's was sued by 7-11 for calling his high school band "The Slurpees." He was forced to make new labels to put on all his CDs.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I was trying to think of the stables at a Church pot luck....

St. Carrot Salad?
St. American Casserole?
St. Potato Salad?
Mother Casserole?
St. Pop Tart?

I also like St. June Cleaver.

St. No One Else?

Please let us know what you chose so I can find you!!

Mary said...

How do you say "You've got to be kidding me!" in Italian?

Hmm, I have no suggestions at the moment. But a St. by any other name I'm sure will read just as deliciously. Do let us know how/where to find you.


PPB said...

I suppose you could consider it flattering that they considered you enough of a threat to approach!

Hmm, St. Calvin, St. Knox, St. Noodles and Mushroom Soup are the Staples, St. Decent and In Order, St. Committee, Patron Saint of the Committee Meeting does have a little ring to it. St. Slurpee (so you can get threatened by yet another group), Not so Frozen Chosen, Chilly Chosen, St. Cassy, Casserole Queen,

We'll read you wherever you land.

reverendmother said...

St. Hot Dish.

This doesn't work as well since you're in the south, but that's what they call a casserole in the upper midwest (Minnesota).

But wouldn't you love to be a hot dish?

~m2~ said...

this is simply traumatic. i had to rename our restaurant after i found out someone else had *our* name at the clerk's office; what a dork, i named it after the street we are located on.

anyone could do that. dare to be different!

i have some suggestions:
St. Patisserie?
St. Humble Pie
and another vote for Rev. Casserole...
Saintly Casserole? can you push the envelope?

i, too, will follow where you humbly lead...

Quotidian Grace said...

What about St. Potluck?

PPB said...

Hot Dish!!! Ooo la la !

But you're not a Minnesotan, so maybe not so much?
You're Southern, eh?
St. Red Beans and Rice?
St. Blue Plate Special?
St. Grits and cheese?

the reverend mommy said...

How about
St. Grillards? I truly and honestly love Grillards over cheese grits....Mmmmmm....Time to go to the store and buy some stuff.... Grillards for dinner.... Mmmmm...... (remember Cajuns use Pork and Creoles use veal and us plain ol' southerners use beef, anyway, yum)

Good resturant for excellent Grillards is in Carriere, Mississippi called the Cottage Garden & Café, a nursery, restaurant, and gift shop owned and tended by Carolyn and Don McGavock. Carolyn is a good friend's mother. (Ok, just a little plug)

Grillards is pronounced GREE-yards, btw.

Anonymous said...

How about variations on the themes here?

Homily Grits &
God's Grillades

Holy Casseroller


mark said...

could you just call yourself "The Blogger Formerly Known as St Casserole"? and we'd all call you TBFKASC for short. and then you could design a funky symbol.

PPB said...

the suspense is killing me!!!

Marie said...

My vote is St. Biscuit, since you're in the South. Although I do really like Mark's suggestion. Good luck and make sure to inform us! Today's the 3rd! Yikes! And hey, if you get "litigated", I think it must mean that you've got one helluva blog! They're reading you in Italy!

the reverend mommy said...

We are waiting with bated breath.....
What will it be?

Songbird said...

I hope this wasn't all a big April Fool!

reverendmother said...

Oh, Songbird!! That makes so much sense!

In fact! All weekend I was wondering "How the hell did they get her home address to send her a letter?!?" I didn't even think about the possibility of it being a joke, I just figured that Big Brother was alive and well.

If it was a ruse, well, I will wait for confirmation before I give her a well-deserved ovation.

Songbird said...

I would like to revise my earlier remarks and say:
I hope this *was* all a big April Fool!
(And if it wasn't, my vote is for Holy Casseroler, which made me LOL.)

PPB said...

April fool?
Oh, could be. This is the dilemna of the internet. You just don't know if someone is a jokester or not. I note the St. Cassy has been suspicously quiet for a few days......

mark said...

i feel gotten.
but i think that it's ok because i don't think i read the post on April 1st (or at least that's my story) so i wasn't geared up for an april fools. (hey, i know i'm rationalizing, but whatever it takes for me to sleep at night, right?)

St. Casserole said...

Thanks for all your concern and kind suggestions about how to handle the "name change" and "litigation"!!!!
No more practical jokes here until April 2006.
Love to all of you,
St. Casserole (the name remains!)

Friday Mom said...

Shameless ploy to get the comments up! That's all it is! :-)

St. Casserole is such a great name. I'm glad it remains.

reverendmother said...

[uproarious applause]

[throwing of roses]

Brava! Brava!

I LOVE a good April Fool's joke. I was the paranoid anonymous poster who suggested St. Potluck and whose husband said this seemed bogus... but I *still* didn't suspect anything. Well done.

Songbird said...

Clearly I am brilliant, if cynical.

the reverend mommy said...

But I *LIKED* Holy Casseroller. Hrumph.
I am so gulliable.

the reverend mommy said...

But I *LIKED* Holy Casseroller. Hrumph.
I am so gulliable.

Mary said...

Oh, you! ♥

Like the others, I feel very gotten but also very glad that the name remains.
Good thing I didn't bother removing you from my links while I awaited the new name.

Besides, this was fun because I learned what "Grillards" are. I'm sure I'll never actually eat them, but it's nice to learn something new in the food department.
Uh, it IS food, yes?


Hoplessly Californian and shamefully uneducated about Southern food fare,

Texas Jaye said...

St. Comfort Food?

You really had me, the law school grad, don't know yet about the Bar results, going. I love it!

St. Pecan Pie A'la Mode?

St. Shortbread?

St. Lemon Fresh Joy?

St. Gingham and Dotted Swiss?

Anonymous said...

April Fool's Day ! ! !

I shall immediately ask for a refund of my contribution to the St. Casserole Defense Fund at Dewey, Cheatam and Howe!

(And, then buy a calendar for Reverend Mommy and others)


mark said...

admittedly, i'm often slow. but i just got the Dewey, Cheatam and Howe joke...