Saturday, April 09, 2005

Here's a question for you:
Are there any stories or story lines left to tell? Has anyone researched and catalogued all the plot lines of fiction? I think I remember reading about this at one time years ago but I could be dreaming.
I know that everyone has a story to tell, a personal perspective to reveal in words but what stories have yet to be told? I'm not thinking of a blow by blow report of the End Times here but have all the varieties of human experience been novelized by now?
Just wondering.
Tell me, if you will, what stories have not been told yet?
Is there a series of a clergywoman who investigates murders? I'd read this series.
Is there a novel about life written from a cat's perspective?
Tell me, what book hasn't been written as yet?


Anonymous said...

Between the Bible and Shakespeare, most basic plot lines have been written: boy gets girl (in all its many varieties); boy or girl become the person they dreamed of being; boy or girl succeeds against adversity to solve problem.

Of course, stories are like painting: All the colors have been used, but not in this arrangement.

I would like to see, for instance, more TV about the South that doesn't focus on just one thing, for instance,our sweetness (Bless you Andy Griffith)or our stupidity( curse you Dukes of Hazzard & Beverly Hillbillies.)

Enough. Must start my Sunday.
Have a good week St. Casserole and I hope your computer doesn't make you heap anymore OT curses.

PPB said...

.....I think there are books from the perspective of cats....mysteries. I can't remember the name of the writer, though.

Clergywomen solving crimes....that would be good. i'd read it.

Are you looking for something to read? Something to write?

reilly said...

there are several who claim to have come up with definitive lists of literary plots. here is one.


reverendmother said...

I don't know about stories from a cat's point of view, but Virginia Woolf wrote an utterly charming book from the POV of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's dog, Flush (also the name of the book). The plot deals with her romance with Robert, and apparently the poor animal was dognapped at one point. It's a lovely, fluffy book. I think Woolf wrote it after writing The Waves, which is not fluffy at all and lovely in a different way.

Clergygal detective--sounds like a winner.

Aola said...

and movies...just how many times can they remake the same story line?
Nothing new under the sun, I suppose.

Songbird said...

I think someone told me recently about a clergywoman detective in a book. I'll have to try and remember who. It may have been this one:
Spencer-Fleming, Julia (Dilys Award)
In the Bleake Midwinter
"When a baby is left on the doorstep of Episcopal priest Clare Ferguson's church, the foundling leads to a murder that rocks her small community and tests the faith of this unorthodox clergywoman."

Songbird said...

And there are more!