Friday, April 22, 2005

This is no ordinary Friday! Today is the middle school election for student council. The LD's campaign speech is ready along with her outfit and attitude. Voting is today with the results coming on Monday.

Did I tell you that one candidate had t-shirts made for her campaign? I'm not talking buying a three pack of Hanes then writing "Vote for Cissy" with a marker. I'm talking printed, good quality, cap-sleeved t-shirts for a middle school campaign. I discussed the campaign with another Mom, who I'd not met before, and told her with a straight face that I'd ordered pizzas for both lunch shifts with "Vote for LD" in pepperoni on each pie. She looked stricken and guilty that she hadn't thought of this first until I burst out laughing.

It has been one heck fire of a week.

Sermon prep continues at a slow pace. "In my Father's house are many rooms....." is whirling around in my head but won't be the focus of my sermon. I just can't understand what that phrase means even if I've read four commentaries.

The weather is so lovely. Warm days, cool evenings and a spring-ish quality of light which is more beautiful each day. If I turn my head, I can look out the french doors into the courtyard and see blooming hibiscus, in coral and red; tiny yellow flowers, a rose about to bloom and fresh green ferns. And, to add to my happiness, I've an old man cat on my lap.

The preachers gather tonight for supper. I'll be glad to see them all. I'll bring an appetizer and I may make an entirely uncool, too sugary candy bar pie.

Glad to be back with you. Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

Let's see..... "Prier, Pensir, Agir" and add "electar?"

~m2~ said...

i love the thought of there being many rooms in my Father's house - i am just certain, however, you'll be able to find me at the kitchen table, next to the creme brulee.

i'll put the coffee on.

the pizza comment made me lol. i am hoping that there will be a victory celebration for your candidate in the near future...

Songbird said...

I've had to read that phrase at too many deathbeds, in too many funerals. I just don't want to talk about it, or even read it aloud, for a while.
But at other times, it's a particularly rich image for me.

Preacher Mom said...

Hope your daughter weathered the elections well today - win or lose! Oh, and you, too, Mom!

PPB said...

results? or is there a hanging chad nightmare?

mark said...

i hope that things go well for your daughter. i remember, very well, running for student council EVERY year and not getting elected. but i always thought that i would do a good job and that perhaps THIS year i would be popular and cool enough to make student council. alas, it was not meant to be. although my class did nominate me to be a peer helper (peer mentor/counselor type), which looking back i see as the greater honor, anyway.

as far as the many rooms in my Father's house, i call a seat at the kitchen table with Martha. not only is there coffee (and food) but everybody knows that all the good stuff goes on in the kitchen.