Saturday, April 09, 2005

Missing You

Yikes! I've been off line for days! The computer tech showed up on Thursday. I've been looking for him since early Lent.
I missed ya'll. I missed my email. I missed the NY Times online.
I didn't get to read the Papal funeral stuff online and forgot to watch TV so the longest serving Pope of my lifetime went out without my minute by minute attention.
I missed reading your blogs.
I'm sure I missed the email from NPR asking me, no begging me, to become a commentator because they lack a clergywoman's perspective and want the nation to hear my accent. I promise to say "caint" rather than "can't" when they do put me on the air.


PPB said...

So glad you're back in town.....
no, wait, I cain't hardly say how glad I am you're back in town.
Is that right? I have no accent so I borrow other people's when i can.

the reverend mommy said...

Maybe you can do some webcasts...... I sure would listen!