Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Seeking God

I can't imagine that it is easy being a seeker.

Prayer must seem like a shot in the dark, voicing words or interior speech toward an unknown target. What are proper subjects for prayer? What words to use? What if I am wasting my time?

I'm digging my memory to recall what seekers tell me about beginning attempts to pray to God.
I don't remember a single day that I didn't know about talking with God in prayer. I listened to my mother's prayers as a tiny kid and had her counsel on how to pray throughout her life.

I've had times I felt I could not pray, though. Life presents us with situations where we stumble into confusion over how and when and even why to pray. I remember days when I couldn't figure out how to talk with God about situations. The language stumped me as did organizing my intentions or reasons for praying about a certain event. I was grateful to discover that one can pray without words. Silently focusing on prayer without much clarity or just groaning toward God is prayer, too.

How does one begin to pray when one is inexperienced with trusting God to hear? I suppose the answer is to just pray. (Curse Nike for aphorismic contagion!) Begin with simple conversation to God with God in mind. Doesn't have to be perfect. Doesn't have to be organized. Tenative conversation which asks God for help or understanding is prayer.

One doesn't master prayer. Prayer is talking with God and listening to God's response. No one is an expert although some people have more experience with prayer than others do. Cut through the socialized mess of our thoughts and place our deepest selves in front of God. Then, be patient. Or, if you can't be patient, keep talking to God. Present that need over and over again.

Ask God to help you learn about prayer. Ask for help.

Let's ask the bloggie pals what they'd add to this...... Comments, please.


Quotidian Grace said...

Prayer is not limited to words--
"who sings in worship prays twice" remarked St. Augustine.

the reverend mommy said...

or vocalizations -- I sometimes dance in prayer. (Just don't tell anyone....)