Wednesday, August 17, 2005

About the PUP meeting

Slept well last night and woke this morning to organize my notes and reflections on the meeting last night of a group discussing the up-coming Peace Unity and Purity Task Force Report.

I wrote my blog entry for you. Too long but worse, would give many clues about my identity and location. I'm not prepared to lose the last bit of my privacy. This blog's mission statement is to remain private and general.

I am awash in dissonance. Meetings yesterday about budgets and nominations made me feel like an alien from the Planet Outofit. What I see and understand about Church isn't even close to what my colleagues see/understand. The PUP meeting, with people I love and respect, moved very quickly from the report to where do we go now that the denomination is exploding.
No wonder I came home, put on my jamas and zoned out. I couldn't take any more.

Today is a new day, thank God. Today we have another chance to be faithful to our calling as God's children. Let's trust God to help us find our way and ways.

St. Casserole


mibi52 said...

Ah, sweet St. Cass...thank God the wonderful work you do with your congregants is so much more important than committees like this.

Every time I read another piece about how my denomination (or others) is about to blow up, I just pray that I don't lose my focus.

Time for a pajama party, I think.

cheesehead said...

Hey, if ya'll are planning a pj party, sign me up! I exasperated about the whole PUP thing, too.

You are smart, St Cass to keep your boundaries, also.

Apostle John said...

Well, if your church is waiting for the report from the Peace, Unity and Purity folks, I guess that means you are in the same denomination as I am -- what was it that fellow "Flame and Glory" called us -- the "extremist ultra-liberal" church. I love it! I miss the days when a conservative was just a little right of moderate, but was still lived in the same universe as I'm in.

Lisa said...

I'm just a little right of moderate John but the truth is, until we all drop the labels and stop seeing ourselves and others through them, nothing the PUP could come up with would make a difference anyway.

St.'re a class act.