Saturday, August 27, 2005

I've made the Grace Solidarity Chocolate Cake for the hurricane preparation and will make a second cake tomorrow. Tons of dirty clothes are clean, folded and put away. I think it's silly to clean up the house before a hurricane but at least if we are blown away, the fragments will be fresh.

Oh, yes. Gallows humor begins.

I'm doing ok. Church as been cancelled tomorrow to keep me off the roads. New Orleans is under an evacuation order so the roads are clogged with fleeing people. I might be able to get to church in the morning but quite possibly have a hard time getting back home. And, if we decide to evacuate, I'll need to be here organizing and hollaring.

I bought groceries today to keep us snacking. I buy junk food for hurricanes that we do not eat at other times. I consider Oreos a must. I bought two bags.

I bought bleach which I haven't had to do in two years. A one gallon bottle lasts a very long time.

Flashlight batteries? Check! Candles? Check! Cars gassed up? Check! Cash on hand because ATMs don't work without electricity? Check! Cat food? Check? Cat Carriers clean and ready? Check!

Please excuse me while I cuss over having a Sunday off from preaching but am too tired to watch SNL or read my new book. (Sputter! Rats! CrabApples! HotBeans!)

St. C


Quotidian Grace said...

If it's any comfort, SNL is still in re-runs. Also, I'm baking a Grace Solidarity Cake in your honor, which I will donate to our Bible in 90 Days Tuesday group if I can keep the family out of it until then.

Aola said...

thinking of and praying for you and your family

Songbird said...

I'll make a cake after church: baking without ceasing, dear friend, and praying, too.

reverendmother said...

Love your G-rated cussing. Love you also. Stay safe. We'll be praying for you and so many others today.