Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Things I Wish You Could See

1. Dibley, the Orange Kitten, on the kitchen counter in a loaf pan of pound cake eating cake with both paws resting on either side of his head, hind feet inside pan.
(Note to self: Blast older cat for teaching kittens to get on the kitchen counter; cover or remove any human food from kitten's grasp.)

2. The look on the LLD's face this morning when she showed me her "straight" hair carefully straightened with hot presser. She felt beautiful. I felt deja vu to my high school days when straight hair was cool and I straightened my hair.
(Note to self: Be glad I have "body" in my hair so that it isn't limp and flat.)

3. My back yard (or "garden" for transatlantic types) full of hearty greenery abundantly growing with great joy and fervor.
(Note to self: Weed backyard before plants take over house as in horror movies.)

St. C


Friday Mom said...

I wish I could see those things too. They all sound wonderful.

ToBeRev said...

I can picture the things as you describe them. Funny sense of humor (imagery?). I'll bet YOU never had a problem with authority -- or challenging anybody else's -- thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

the reverend mommy said...

Little Kitty says "Ummm pound cake."

Why do cats like cake?? The fat content?? The eggs??

Kathryn said...

The late lamented Toffee-cat rather eccentrically liked mushrooms...She would claw her way into the shrink wrapped punnets from the supermarket till we had to leave them in the fridge instead of the vegetable rack!
I wish we were within viewing range too, St C. Hope the straight hair was approved by LLD's peers too x

St. Casserole said...

Dear To Be Rev,
What do you mean I never had problems with authority? I'm hooting with laughter here.
Glad you are in the group.
St. C

PPB said...

My cats never eat cake.

....because I never cook.

cheesehead said...

PPB: um...you can buy cake.

Sadly, I do it all the time.


Aola said...

I can relate to #3, much rain and heat have transformed my yard into rain forest jungle. I've given up for the year. Will start fresh next spring.

Lorna said...

hair with body IS good.

go take a look :)

the reverend mommy said...

You are supposed to work in the yard?? what??

No one told me this.

My yard is SO BAD. I'm afraid of nasty letters from the neighbors.

Poor Mad Peter said...

Oh dear! Does that make you the vicar of Dibley?