Monday, August 22, 2005

Spelling Foibiles, Spell Checkers, Comments and Curses

As PPB cannot spell "flue", I cannot spell "annoynymous." I don't think the word "annoy" is part of the word but my fingers and imagination fail me. It was two years into Seminary before I could spell "ressurection" with any confidence. It's part of that learning difference/dyslexia thing in my brain. Spell checkers with sophisicated dictionaries are a blessing to me.

Back to the point: I've changed how I receive comments on this blog by using the new Super Duper You-Know-What blocker. I hope that my legitimate annyonymous commenters will continue to comment and that all "machine" commenters will find their backsides frothing with runny warts.

St. Casserole


Anonymous said...

I so sorry for the unwanted postings. Burns my backside too!Speaking for the entire Anonymous family, I apologize for all the trouble.

As in all families, there is always some family member wanting to make a quick buck at the expense of all. Grandmother Anonymous used to say that people are like the fingers on your hand--four point the same direction but there's always one going off differently.

Again, sorry for the trouble caused by errant Anonymi.


nightwoodkitty said...

Your posts are real O.J. Darts!

peripateticpolarbear said...

I'm very excited that you've topped 10,000! Excellent work!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Good work on the 10,000.

I would HATE to have runny warts.

ToBeRev said...

I got one investment comment (or should I say "opportunity"?) on my blog -- very weird how it got there -- but I deleted it right away. Feels like a system did it to me, not an anonymous/bad family member. I am going to email you a portion of my prayer book -- not sure how to attach an adobe acrobat file to a posted comment, so I won't go there. Happy Day!