Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging

Assumpta and Dibley are settling into the Casserole Family with ease. We love these two!
Assumpta is thriving with regular meals. She looks glossy rather than gaunt. Dibley charms us all with his calm good humor.

Rusty died one month ago today. I didn't know as I said good bye to him that these two pocket kittens would come home with us. The kittens comfort my spirit and have eased my grief. Rusty's health worried me for several years but now I have three young healthy cats to enjoy. I miss my old pal who was my companion for years and I know these two little kittens are a Gift as he was.

I am sappy about cats. I love dogs, too but with our family cats seem to work better. If I rattle on too often about the cats, mention it to me. Some of my friends glaze over when I talk about my pets, you can do the same.

St. Casserole


Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

Assumpta seems to have mastered "the look" -- similar to the one our Truffle gave me this morning when I showed up with the camera. Dibley on the other hand, looks like a delightful little ham!

Enjoy! They are so sweet at this age.

PPB said...

You can never talk too much about cats.
I have 2 littermates as well. They drive me nuts at time, but it's so sweet the way they snuggle your 2.

mibi52 said...

Ah, they're growing. They already look different from the first pic you posted. Having a twosome is different (we have two, and although they weren't littermates, they are close enough in age to be playmates - most of the time) and has its own particular sweetness.

I spent part of this weekend with two dogs, and although they were darling dogs, I must say I prefer cats. Must have something to do with my INTJ personality...

the reverend mommy said...

We spent most of an afternoon "visiting" kittens -- which have been named 1)either Beau or Mittens and 2)Vicar of Dibley or Darth Kitty. (the loving husband suggested Satan, no, not Satin, but Satan)

they are only 5 weeks old... the begging has begun.