Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm up early for estate sales. After checking the paper ads sales don't look very good for this morning although I've been fooled before. Just when you think a sale will be yukky, out pops an amazing item for $5.

Along with reading the sales ads, I read our local paper online.

Here's MY news for the day:

If things go well, I may top 10,000 visitors today. You could help me by dropping by several times. (Hint, hint)

The Full Moon illuminates my back yard with the prettiest light.

The kittens are showing signs of mature cat-osity in their faces. Ah! The young grow up so fast!

Mid-grade gas is $2.68 a gallon. We need a Democrat for President who will indict the current president and his cronies for messing with the oil costs for their own gain.

High oil is making our timber industry upset. Timber prices translate into all sorts of areas like home construction, pencils, paper and etc. Not good.

I got into my car yesterday with the temperature registering 113 in the interior. Yuk.

What's your news?
St. C


Songbird said...

I always stop by at least twice a day, so I promise to do my part!
I feel like I never want to start my car again. If I walked to work every day, I would be in fine shape! It's just that doggoned visiting...

cheesehead said...

I can't walk to work--16 miles! Our gas is at $2.85 and climbing. That's for the cheapest grade of gas. Premium gas is at $3.00 now.

I surpassed 10,000 hits sometime yesterday. Go St. Cass!

Aola said...

It's a 113 degrees in the shade here!

well, maybe I am strecthing it just a little...

Aola said...



Lorna said...

petrol is 1. 30 € a litre here (that's about a quart)

make you all feel better? :)

well that's my sisterly deed done for the day then. Time for a cool drink!

Be blessed :)

Songbird said...

At least it's only 66 degrees here!

cheesehead said...

Lorna, a friend of mine went to Canada and was so happy to see $.99 gasoline, until her husband reminded her that they price in liters there! Ha!

Oh, and its in the 70's here and overcast. I'm leaving now to go to our church's art fair. Hope I don't get rained on!

Lisa said...

10,000! Wow. And I was all excited about hitting 400 yesterday. lol

Gas is $2.45 for the cheapest around here (Roanoke, VA) right now. Fuel oil is even more. Glad we got our tank filled earlier this summer.

It's hot! This is the earliest I've been ready for fall to get here...probably because I've worked in the yard more this year.

Ok, that's my news.

Happy Estate saling.

Kathryn said...

Petrol....90p per litre...When I passed my driving test far too long ago,it was 75p per gallon! So I do all my parish visiting on a bike...but it's probably about 65 degrees here today, so a rather easier proposition. Sadly, the cycling has absoolutely NO impact on my shape...very disappointing, as I was rather relying on it.
News? I'm trying to write a sermon on a passage I preached on earlier this year...Acts 17 came up in the Eucharistic lectionary for Easter 6 but its now on the "second service" lectionary for Evensong tomorrow...There must be SOMETHING else I haven't said yet.
Darling daughter has gone to a party with my car..but is sleeping over, praise be.
Lonsuffering Clockman is in a grump with the other computer
And Loud Boy is watching elderly James Bond film...LOUDLY.
No idea what Teen Wonder is up to...probably rewriting the theory of relativity or something...
since none of them is cooking supper, I guess I should be. Now...aren't you sorry you asked?!

Purechristianithink said...

Brother-in-law visiting. Nice weather. Sermon not done, yikes!

zorra said...

Wow! I was 10,001! (fanfare)

St. Casserole said...

I'm 10007! Thank you, Pals!

Sales weren't much today but had a lovely time with my friend and her young daughter. I guess my favorite purchases were two antique invalid feeders, and a Japanese bobble head cartoon cat.
The family did grass cutting today. Each one looked beaten up when returning to the house. too hot here! way too hot!

Anonymous said...

I know it is not a RANT day, but all the gas price talk gets me hopping mad. I start feeling like X files--you know, a conspiracy at the highest reaches of government.

I don't believe that our current prices have much to do with supply and demand.

I don't think we (USA) are spending enough on alternative energy research.

I don't think we should trust the oil and gas companies with this research (which I think the Bush administration wants to do).

I think "corporate welfare", too compfy relationship between Pres/VP and the oil industry, and a failure of scientific leadership because our President, I fear, just does not really believe in miraculous ability of humans to achieve wonders through science and education.

Rant, rant, rant... Sorry.

(and I use more gas becuase it is scorching hot here and I run my car AC at full blast when I get in)