Thursday, August 25, 2005

Can't believe it's Thursday evening. My week's flown by again.

We had dinner tonight, as we do each Thursday, with a group of friends. We meet at a neighborhood restaurant, bring children, whatever. If you can come, you come. If not this week, then next week. Very free-wheeling and pleasant to see our friends over good food every week. Our ages range from 70-something to 3 years old. Our children bring friends to join us which adds to the mix. If you're in town, drop by.

The conversation tonight was about ROTC which one of the children's pals does. I listened with one ear as the conversation at my end of the table was about raising teens. The three year old wanted to discuss toenail polish, especially mine (OPI light pink, very cute, can't remember the color).

I looked at the ROTC teen thinking that he is doing well in school, greatful for the comradeship of ROTC and excited about a college scholarship he'll receive. And, I see him and worry about him being grenade fodder. Can't help but worry that the War will continue until all my son's pals are drafted into this Iraq misery. It's noble that the kid at dinner does ROTC so he can get college money; it's ignoble that he is risking his life to achieve an education. I understand that he may be officer material and more safe than our other under-priviledged young men in the military but all of it upsets me.

At my end of the table we discussed the wild things kids do and how most of them can't keep quiet about their mis-deeds and the news gets back to us. Rather charming that they have the will and the way to get into trouble but not the discipline to keep it to themselves. Not that I want any additional sneaky teens. Or, parents go along merrily unaware of what their kids are doing then hear about it when the kids become adults. I recall hearing my LLS discuss some of her high school pranks with my mother. My mother didn't seem upset but I was very upset that my LLS got away with stuff I never even attempted.

Ya Know What I Mean?
St. C


reverendmother said...

I do indeed. In all respects!

Except I don't know the joy of a group of friends like that. Sounds wonderful.

Songbird said...

Often I look at #2 Son and think how glad I am he's such a good musician and imagine his clarinet keeping him out of harm's way as he plays in one of the military bands. But that is such an injustice to young people who are less advantaged, I feel terrible about it at the same time.
What a lovely Thursday night tradition you have.