Monday, May 29, 2006

Dear Uncle Parsnip,
Thanks for your call tonight. I'm sorry that you had to get off the phone before I got to tell you how I am doing. Like you, I don't know why the people of Bunion Parish like to do fireworks and shoot shotguns on Memorial Day. You'd think they save all that noise for Fourth of July. I hope the dogs calmed down when you brought them inside.
I decided to write you rather than return your call because LD is on the phone and I had these new notecards with cats wearing clerical collars. You could show it to LuGene because she may think its funny.
Last week, I was grumbling about needing an extra day in the week to get all my stuff done. Today was like an extra day to get the car washed, do some gardening and so on. I had lunch with Patty, took a nap in the afternoon and then had dinner with LH and LD. A great day!
I celebrate Memorial Day all year long so I don't want to sit outside in the heat with bugs and eat a burger to remind myself of war. I wish Memorial Day would emphasize the misery and terror or war all day long. I told LuGene about my friend who served two tours in Iraq and suffers horrors now. Breaks my heart. When I see young people in the military I despair. I understand the reasons too well for us to use our young men and women as fodder for economic issues that don't do anything for the soldiers but damage them.
I mourn all the losses of men and women through the years who served at the request of our country. I hate it, too.
Come see us. We'd love to have you stay with us for a night or two on your way to Puddin's.

St. Casserole

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cheesehead said...

Well said.