Friday, May 26, 2006

Lord, how majestic is your handiwork!

My early morning look at the sky as I stand outside in the morning light and looking upward (where the pine grove used to be) is a pleasure to me. I begin my morning prayers then roll my mind around my plans for the day.

I become distracted more often than not by what I have to do for the day.

You'd think I'd have a disciplined mind after all these years of praying but distractions come along.

Praying into the distractions makes sense because who knows if the Spirit is bringing people and plans into my mind for Her reason. However, is this an excuse for a wandering mind?

Today I am distracted by thoughts of relationships which could be better or healed or whatever. I finished my upward stare and went back inside without seeing the early morning sky. Light clouds against the gray sky of early morning, the sound of birds and the early croaking of lovey frogs didn't enter my consciousness until I closed the door. I forgot to pray!

Letting you know how it is,

St. Casserole


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I think that was a wonderful prayer actually. You did what few actually was still and allowed God to speak to you about those relationships.

What an awesome way to begin your day.

Songbird said...

Thank you for this. I'm writing a sermon about prayer this week: how and when and why we pray. Thinking about the disciples and how they must have prayed for God to show them in the casting of lots who to bring into their ministry group. I often get into the sort of reverie you describe, and I usually feel that the other party to the conversation is God, whether I meant Her to be in on it or not!

Anonymous said...

You're doing just fine. All will be well.

cheesehead said...

((((St Cass))))

revabi said...

Thanks for the prayer, I have learned to trust God working in the distractions, intrusions, phone calls, people knocking on the door, all that. I don't always like it, and I don't always feel like i have time for it. But God does.

But I can only imagine the major distractions you deal with on a daily basis. I am so glad you came to the Preaching Camp, so I could meet you. I pray for you in the middle of your distractions dear one. Youth cats oh dear and a grown up male. God bless you.

Sally said...

many times I sense that God recieves our thoughts and intentions as prayer, and through grace accepts them as one and the same...