Saturday, May 06, 2006

My people drove to New Orleans this morning for a day of Jazz Fest.
I'm at home because of a headache, a sermon, the bulletin and because the idea of a full day outside in the dusty heat with Porta-lets appeals to me like zip.

Thank you to everyone who goes to Jazz Fest, stays in New Orleans' hotels and spends money like water on good food, souvenirs and big-ticket items. The City needs your presence and your money.

Thank you, Bruce Springsteen, for coming last weekend and singing your heart about the City Who Care Forgot.

Thank you, LH, for taking my people to New Orleans today and giving me a quiet house to think and write and just be.

Blessed be,

St. Casserole


Songbird said...

I haven't yet used the yarn I bought in the French Quarter. I can't bring myself to commit it to anything.
It's good thinking of your people in New Orleans today, although I agree with you about the Port-a-lets.

St. Casserole said...

My people had a GREAT time. I can't remember all the artists they heard...long list. Came home worn out, dirty and happy.

Anonymous said...

Left very early in the morning. We parked in the French Quarter and bussed it to the Fest, heading immediately for a frozen cafe au lait and then the Gospel tent. Saw Rev. Mike and his church (great) and the Zulu Men's Choir (also great and funny); then, off to the Jass tent to see Patricia Fisher and Arpa (jazz harp with caribbean influences); then, to the Acura Stage to see Deacon John and then the wonderful Buckwheat Zydeco; then, saw with Parrothead friends for Jimmy Buffet; then to Congo Square for a few minutes of the Ohio Players funkiness, then to Economy Stage to end with the Radiators (soulful rock). Drank many frozen cafe au laits, ate Cuban sandwiches and jambalaya and mushrooms stuffed with crawfish. Finished off the day with a trip to Barnes and Nobles, since we still have no bookstore on the Coast and drove home very late. Mr. C

Stevens Avenue Congregational Church UCC said...

Thank you, Mr. C, for that picture of a wonderful day. I'm ready for the frozen Cafe au Lait!

Songbird said...

Okay, that was actually me. The church is not a coffee drinker.

Aola said...

Sounds like so much fun, except for the crowds and the heat and porta-potties but I do love music and coffee!

Norma said...

Your mail room entry is a hoot. However, the bad news is that in IE, your first entry sags to the bottom.--must be something in the left margin that's squeezing it. It might look OK in Firefox if that's where you compose.