Saturday, May 06, 2006

Letters, We Get Letters

"I note with dismay that your blog discusses your pedicures. There are more important issues in the world than that."

Like what?

"Your readers are happy that you are attending the Festival of Homiletics.
Your reference to this great event as "the festival of homies" is disturbing. Many of us think that you can't spell "homiletics" without an open dictionary.
I know you and you told me once that you couldn't spell "resurrection" without help until your third year of seminary...."

So Whot?

"I'm trying to discern a call to ministry. I like to read your blog and think about what your life must be like as a pastor. Do you date?

Say What?

----St. Casserole Mail Room


peripateticpolarbear said...

So, do you date?

cheesehead said...

I ask you, what is a world without pedicures, and who would want to live in such a thing?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Trolls ~bleck~

Like ppb, I wanna you date? And if so, can you give me some pointers??

And the reader must know that we changed the names of OPI's *I'm Not Really A Waitress* to *Red Tent Red*. This is kinda sorta biblical don't ya think??

Texas Jaye said...

Today I got an ugly comment on my blog. I am so relieved that crazy people in need of prayer and medication write to you, too.

All God's children, right?

Sue said...

To echo Mindy....trolls ~bleck~

I love hearing about pedicures. I love having pedicures. I love everything about pedicures.

Lorna said...

You tell it well St C :)

mibi52 said...

Some people just have hemmorhoids(physical or mental), ya know, and want to spread their discomfort to the good folks...

Non illegitimi carborundum, dear.

natala said...

:) i think a blog is just something we look back on in 20 years or so, to see where were when.... pedicures, homies and all. :) i love this place :)
much love to you.

the reverend mommy said...

Your homies can tell you the best -- it is indeed easier to get dates with a nice pedicure.

Can't wait to see my homies at the homie festival! Maybe we need to plan a pedicure event.

Songbird said...

Lord. Will I be the only RevGal there with unpainted toenails?

Anonymous said...

From St. C.'s Department of Detritus, Flotsam and Jetsam:

1. St. C, without collar, is Mrs. C;
2. Mrs. C does not date;
3. Mrs. C, like Mr. C, believes that married people don't date.

VP, Dept of DFJ
Mr. C

Coniferous said...

Dear Mr. C,

You don't take your DW on dates? For shame!!