Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yoo hoo! I'm over here under the pile of To-Do Lists and Must-Be-Completed-this-Minute Agendas. Can you see my RGBP crown emerging from the detritus?

Just when I thought it was safe to get out my supplies for making boxes, I got hit with urgent phone calls, demands and so on.

Rats, I say, RATS. (1)


(1) The use of the word "rats" implies no violence, disrespect or bluetone towards rodents or their agents.


peripateticpolarbear said...

Now Whistle and Fish---do they have ill thoughts toward rodents?

the reverend mommy said...

I'm sure their ears perked up at the word "rats." You know that alert look cats can get.....

I gave away all my to-do lists yesterday -- I feel free!! yeah!!

Songbird said...

Could someone help me *find* my to-do lists?

revabi said...

Hey, I see your crown shining in the dark, so the rats will go away. I still have my lists somewhere. In fact Bob threw away my VIP list with my new salary numbers broken down on it. Thanks Bob.