Monday, May 01, 2006

A Quiz for Faithful Readers of This Blog Although No Real Clues Appear in the Blog, Ok?

Here is the list of speakers:

Of these, who is my favorite preacher?
Who am I eager to hear?
Who I have I heard the most often?
Which speaker's books are on my study shelves?
Which speaker publishes his/her every thought AND blogs?
Which speaker (s) are unfamilar to me and could be stuffed bunny rabbits for all I know?

Speakers for the 2006 Festival of Homiletics
Barbara Brown Taylor
Thomas Long
Barbara Lundblad
Peter Gomes
Valerie Tutson
Ysaye Barnwell (Sweet Honey in the Rock)
Anna Carter Florence
James Forbes
William Willimon
Roberta Bondi
Adam Hamilton
Grace Imathiu (Festival Host)
Joanna Adams
Frank Thomas
Dwight Andrews Quintet
Gary Charles
David Lose
Don Saliers
Donald Davis
Barbara McBride Smith
Kenneth Samuel
Victory UCC Choir
Marilyn Hauser Hamm
Don Harp Troy Bronsink

Unlike my sister-blogger, Mindy, there are no prizes only the deep satisfaction of winning.

Giggling with uncharacteristic freedom,

St. C


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love it when you are happy. I have missed that!

And I am waiting on your cow ~grins~

Songbird said...

I am going to selfishly answer for myself.
Of these, who is my favorite preacher? I haven’t heard any of these preachers in person, and have seen only two of them on video, Barbara Brown Taylor and Kenneth Samuel. He preached an incredible sermon at the UCC General Synod last summer in Atlanta. Valerie Tutson is a storyteller, and I have heard her in person. She is incredibly gifted.
Who am I eager to hear? James Forbes, Peter Gomes, BBT, Kenneth Samuel – do you notice that three of these are African-American men? My preaching is so careful and writerly. I’m hoping to hear something that will help me break free.
Who I have I heard the most often? Barbara Brown Taylor, but not by much and never in person
Which speaker's books are on my study shelves? BBT, but of course
Which speaker publishes his/her every thought AND blogs? Willimon?
Which speaker (s) are unfamilar to me and could be stuffed bunny rabbits for all I know? Heehee. I’m just smiling at this image.

cheesehead said...

I'll answer for myself too!

Favorite preacher: James Forbes,Barbara Lundbald (tie), although I've heard and seen in person: Lundblad, Brown Taylor, Imathiu, Forbes (4 times!), Long, Carter Florence, Gomes, and Adams.

Who am I eager to hear? Don Saliers.

Who have I heard the most often: Forbes, of course!

Books on my shelf: BBT, Lundblad, Willimon.

Who are the bunnies? Everybody under Adams on this list except D. Saliers

We all know Willimon blogs.

Quotidian Grace said...


They could ALL be stuffed bunny rabbits, for all I know...

EXCEPT Barbara Brown Taylor who I heard in person at Babs' graduation from Sewanee a year ago and Willimon, whose blog I recently came across.

Embarrassingly yours,

Rev. Mike said...

Devastated not to see my name on the list. 'Nuff said.

peripateticpolarbear said...

Well since Brueggeman (never had an unpublished thought) is not on the list, the guy who publishes and blogs (managed not to publish every thought, so blogs to keep up!) is Willimon. BBT would be my guess for person you've heard since she really gets around (but not in a nasty way). She has a memoir coming out this year that I'm anxious to read. Maybe you heard Barbara Lundblad and Peter Gomes and James Forbes---they all travel a lot, too. I hope you are looking most forward to hearing Ysaye Barnwell, as she's who I would most want to hear!

St. Casserole said...

I forgot: Who on this list is my classmate from seminary? and
Who is the Cutest Stuffed Bunny Rabbit on the list?

St. C

reverendmother said...

I've slept in Anna Carter Florence's guest bedroom.

Still, she's a rock star.

Troy Bronsink is probably one of the unfamiliar stuffed-bunny candidates, but I assure you he is a Real Velveteen Rabbit. A really wonderful friend from seminary. And am I envious of him that he gets to hobnob and share a stage with these homiletical giants? Ohhh, noooo....

Purechristianithink said...

Forbes and Lundblad were both Homiletics profs of mine in Seminary, and I once co-officiated at a wedding with Anna Carter Florence back when she was a regular person. I've never met BBT, but I saw a video of her once where she earnestly explained that she spent at least 15 hours on each sermon. I didn't stop laughing for days . .
Wish I could see you all at the conference!

the reverend mommy said...

Hmmm.... I've had (for class) BBT, Tom Long, Roberta Bondi, Don Saliers and Grace Imathiu. I preached with Joanna Adams -- she's a nice lady.

I've heard Peter Gomes, Will Willimon and Don Harp (Don many, many times.)

And some of these probably ARE stuffed bunnies.

Some may be chocolate bunnies, we will find out.