Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday Courtyard Gardening Report

Between the wings of our home we have a brick courtyard which is home to pots of flowers. The courtyard was designed around a low deck which has since gone the way of all outdoor wood on the Gulf Coast. It's just too humid here for wood, even treated wood, to last more than 15 years or so. One end of the courtyard has a rectangular open area for in-ground plantings.

This morning, as I watered the pots, I noticed that a pot has sprouted a unknown plant. I wish I remembered plant names because yesterday I received two more of these unknowns. My dear church member gave me nine daylillies and two unknowns. The pot unknown survived Katrina hidden deep in the potting soil. I know this is true because the lil plant is wearing a "Katrina Blows" t-shirt. Both of the Shasta daisies wear the t-shirts as do many others. These survivors are here in my yard as well as all across the Coast. Some hid deep in the dirt and for reasons known only to micro climates and God, survived the winds, surging waters and downed trees to bloom now. I feel a sermon illustration coming on but can't quite put it too words.

The plumbago and hydrangeas are exultant with blooms. The phlox, heathers, hybiscus and ferns thrill me. I'd name all the pretty plants if I could recall the names.

I'll be digging today and tucking daylilies into the ground. The LH plans to hit golf balls, LD will be rehearsing the Bible School play and LS will sleep late then wander off to cook at the movie theater. The head cook made him pull up his long red curls into a top knot which looks so goofy I can hardly stand it. LS doesn't mind it. Wouldn't a haircut be easier?

The kittens have a movie review of MI:III for the blog but when I asked if they were ready to write it, they began beating the stuffing out of each other over how many blowup scenes the movie has. When things calm down, if they ever do, you'll hear from them.

If you need me, I'll be the gal in the "Life is Good" t-shirt out front with the shovel.


St. Casserole


Aola said...

sounds like a good day St. Cass.

My LS cut off his long red locks yesterday. I was a little sad to see it go but he looks good either way and the summer heat and humidity combined with all the hair around his face were giving his skin fits. He sacrificed his hair to save face :)

I've never heard of plumbago?? What does it look like?

My day lilies are blooming all over the place this morning, the milk and wine lillies just starting. (oh, they smell so yummy)

peripateticpolarbear said...

Does LS graduate soon? Seems like he'd be about that age.

St. Casserole said...

Bear, the LS graduated from HS this year. He'll be off to college in a few months...
Did everyone tell you that we whined endlessly about you at the Festival of Homies? "I wish Bear were here..." etc., etc.

Songbird said...

Keep those kittens away from X-Men:The Last Stand...

revabi said...

Well did you find the words for your sermon yet? There has got to be something of hope or something like that in there. What a beautiful posting, except for the red curly hair look. But that wasn't bad either.

Looking forward to the posting from the kittens on MI:III. I watch movies through everyone else you know.

chaindropz said...

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