Friday, May 12, 2006

St. Teresa of Avila as a foundation for her ministry:

'Christ has no body now on earth but yours/
No hands but yours/No feet but yours/
Yours are the eyes through which God's compassion will look upon the world/
Yours are the feet with which God will go about doing good/
Yours are the hands with which God will bless others now.'

Pondering this,

St. C


Songbird said...

I love that. I used it as a text for preaching last year, I think. Even Pure Luck, who doesn't so much believe in our Christian definition of God, sees the world this way, that goodness/Godness must be expressed in the world through our caring actions. It's not that our actions save us, but that a recognition of God's love for us moves us, ideally, to see this as our calling.

Purechristianithink said...

A friend of mine recently told me that one of her parishoners came to her asking where that passage could be found in the bible. She was quite disappointed to learn that it was not, in fact, scriptural but just some wierd Catholic thing. :)

Aola said...

had a friend tell me once that the most God I will ever see in this liftime is in other people... to be honest I was quiet disappointed at the time but have come to believe it to be true

Sally said...

what a challenge that presents to our daily living!