Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In Praise of Seersucker

If you live where the temperature hits 89 on May 2, you'd praise seersucker, too.
Seersucker, that odd fabric with the weird name which invokes both prophetic and stupid simultaneously, is the perfect Deep South cloth. Linen comes in second.

I found a "vintage" seersucker summer cover for LD's bed at a garage sale. I wish I could find one for our bed. The feel of seersucker and it's ability to cool you off just by touching it appeals to me.

LH, dressing for the office, began rummaging for his blue and white seersucker pants. We remembered that the pants had been tossed to the Garbage Truck because after years of faithful wearing, they dis-integrated. A man needs seersucker down heah. LH is looking for a new seersucker suit. I'll powder his white bucks for him when he finds the new suit. Nothing quite as pretty as a cute man in a seersucker suit on a hot Southern day.

I bought a seersucker nightgown after a long search this week. Not easy to find since night clothes makers design the most butt-ugly stuff out of wretched fabrics then charge high prices. I'm not pleased with the night clothing industry.

At Presbytery yesterday, I saw two older women wearing seersucker dresses. One looked like the polyester seersucker of years past and probably was. We Presbyterians don't let go of much and if a dress looked good in '73, we keep wearing it (cf. seersucker pants of earlier paragraph). The other woman's dress was the GREAT seersucker made without polyester. It was a shirt waist dress which one doesn't see much of these days. I loved the shirt waist style dresses of years ago but when I tried on a madras shirtwaist with full skirt from the thrift store, I looked like the old women of the '70s. Do not let me refer to myself as an old woman in print ever again.

Air-conditioning, that gift from God Almighty, probably made seersucker unfashionable. I wish I could find non-obnoxious style clothing in that cool fabric to make it through the coming Summer.

Grateful for Ceiling Fans in Every Room,

St. Casserole


annie said...

Yes, the heat is definitely arriving! I personally think polyester should be outlawed around these parts.

Quotidian Grace said...

Long live seersucker! El Jefe has three seersucker suits (no polyester)--in colors of grey, blue and green. Looks very spiffy.

You're so right about the nightclothing industry. What's up with the giant oversized cotton/polyester blend "sleep T-shirts"? Yuck.

peripateticpolarbear said...

You know, I love seersucker, too. But I never wear it. Linen, however....linen I buy as much of as possible. It's always wrinkled, but it's linen so what do you expect?

Songbird said...

My daddy used to wear blue seersucker with great frequency. I loved to see him in it.
You may be surprised to hear that they are selling seersucker trousers at Old Navy. #1 Son bought a pair in a charming brown (all cotton, of course). I can't wait to see him wearing them.
I am wearing my beloved washable linen jumper today, although the temperature here does not justify it. (52 and raining)

Anonymous said...

Handsome husband wears his blue seersucker in the summer while I don my seersucker dress (with embroidered limes and lemons -- my margarita dress) and we look fabulous. Or so we think. People are probably looking at us with the whole "How old are those outfits??" look.
Stay cool ...

Aola said...

The seersucker bed cover sounds lovely but I'm sorry I would probably die laughing if my bearded blue jean hippy of a hubbie put on seersucker slacks....

Songbird said...

I'm starting to wonder what on earth I am going to wear in Hotlanta...

St. Casserole said...

Hotlanta Clothing Rules
1.Be Comfortable. The fashion police have a field day at clergy events. No matter what you wear you'll look snappin compared to the majority.
2. Air Conditioning may be too cold or not enough. Layers, girlfriends, layers.
3. For many of us, Hotlanta is the shopping Mecca. If you don't have it, you can find it there.

Lorna said...

Grateful for Ceiling Fans in Every Room,

This reminded me of one of the first posts of yours that I read ... about the fans or the candles but not both. And the chausible. It had me in stitches. You are one fun rev :)

jealous about Hotlanta. Thinking I won't read Rev Gals blogs for at least the next two weeks ... but unfortunately (grin) the withdrawal is worse that the jealous torment. maybe someone could offer therapy?

be blessed