Friday, June 15, 2007

*being curious about everything has it's downside. I'm reading from the PCA G.A. report on the federal vision, new perspective and auburn avenue theology. Hadn't a clue what these phrases were about. Last year, I read the PCA stuff to understand their issue of "subscription". I suppose all church groups have discussions about stuff other people find moot or picky.

*hot here. not talking about the weather anymore. that's it.

*both children are out-of-town. Mr. C. and I are dancing in the kitchen, singing old songs out loud and whooping it up.

*little church hasn't received any of the PDA 23 million yet and we want a very small portion of that to finish hurricane repairs.

*gals, you get points off if you cover chipped pedicure toes with the wrong color. just saying.

time to go work on capitalization,

st. casserole, on summer time


Songbird said...

It's terrible that you are still waiting for the money for Little Church. How is Fish?

PPB said...

capitAlizatioN is ovErRateD

Princess of Everything (and then some) said... did we run out of red tent red?

Cathy said...

capitalization takes too much energy in the deep south.

We have our toes covered and are willing to show them off. an rgbp toe reunion.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Ah capitalization. Been hearing that a lot at our church. Got a letter today saying that they're short $100,000 for May's operating budget. This, after asking for another $13 million for part 2 of the new building phases. ........ It galls me this happens here, when what you are going through is happening there.... Just sayin'