Friday, June 08, 2007

Yuk Yuk Yuk

Little Church is in a small town with a large agricultural festival. Thousands of people drive in to buy the ag product, hear stories, music and buy crafts. Townspeople participate or hide in their homes behind locked doors.

I attended the festival years ago before I knew Little Church. The weather sweltered with humid heat.
Two times in my life I believed that I would die of heat: at the Neshoba County Fair during a National election year political speech fest and at Ag Fest.

I suggested we open the church for the festival during my first year there. No one seemed interested. No one. Turns out that the crowds would overwhelm our antique plumbing and no one wanted to stand around and watch this happen.

A laughing church member just called to say she was sorry but she couldn't find where they were doing the "Dunk the Preacher" booth this year. She asked around but no one seemed to know. Maybe I was off the hook this year, she said.

Like I'd go there to be dunked. First, it's not dignified. Second, it might cool me down but nope, and, third, like I'd get on a bench to be hit by a softball.

I'm serious about minstry in the community but not that serious.


St. Casserole, dignified as ever


PPB said...

Aw, I bet you'd even be dignified while falling into the water.

Purechristianithink said...

I did sit in a "Dunk the Pastor" booth once. But I was much younger and looked better in shorts and a swimsuit in those days.

FWIW, the Senior Pastor I was working with at the time took a turn as well. He's actually sort of well known in my denomination nowadays--I could probably ask for hush money.

Songbird said...

Hmmm. It's not teh funny, is it?

Quotidian Grace said...

Good for you. Let the elders be the dunkees!

A few years ago the youth group had a contest where people paid to vote for who the kids would get smash a pie in the face. Two pastors and the clerk of session (that would be El Jefe) were on the ballot.

El Jefe won overwhelmingly and graciously let them smush a lemon pie in his face--after he removed his glasses.

Babs and Portia said everyone was happy to pie a lawyer and the pastors had no chance.

Maybe an idea for hubby????

Teri said...

we discussed a dunk tank for the church picnic, with me as first victim.
luckily for me, it was outside the budget once we decided to rent a moonbounce as well....

mamaS said...

My hubby's church has a "summer kick-off carnival." Last year I saw a very dignified Rev of female persuasion kiss a goat. This year hubby took his turn in the dunk tank. Hmmm, what people will do to help the kids raise money!