Friday, June 22, 2007

Dear Cheesehead,

Do you remember when we went to the GA in Birmingham and you made us stay in that awful motel with criminal activity in the parking lot? And, do you remember how you told me that if I didn't stop talking to you all the time you were going to jump out the window into the criminal activity area? This isn't what I want to tell you.

Think back to our time together at the GA. I said, "Cheese, you smell good! What is that?" and you said, "St. Casserole, please stop practicing spitting chewing tobacco across the room trying to hit the trashcan. Don't you see my open suitcase there???".
Remember that? Well, you told me, when you made me swallow the tobacco plug that you wore Philosophy's Amazing Grace.

When we left B'ham and you told me to wait for you to contact me thereafter and not call you because your cell phone didn't work for calls from me I ordered some Amazing Grace. I've been wearing it and think it smells great. Thanks for the idea.

This morning, when Mr. C. took his shower, I smelled Amazing Grace wafting around the bathroom. Shocked, I looked in and saw that he was lathering up with my big Sephora bottle of AG!!! I told him that it was girl stuff but he said he was out of his shampoo and used what he found.

I went to Walgreen's to buy some $1.79 Suave Coconut Shampoo just for him.

I know you said that when you wanted to hear long rambling pointless chat from me you'd call me, you must have forgotten and I haven't heard from you in months. I'm using my blog to keep you up-to-date!

Would you let me know the name of every single product you use? I used some of your hair mousse and like it. I meant to put the bottle back in your cosmetic case but when it fell into the hotel toilet I was busy and didn't want to get it out. Did you have to pay for the plumbing repair from my repeated flushings of the hair mousse container?


St. Casserole


Songbird said...

Dear St. Casserole,
I fear I will have to ship my hair products to Hotlanta because they will not be allowed on the plane. Will you bring me some of cheesehead's?

St. Casserole said...

Dear Songbird, I have great products (thanks to Cheesehead!) count on me to bring these to Hotlanta and share!
St. Casserole

Listing Straight said...

St. Cass,
I love you.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Dear St. Casserole,
Have I ever told you that I want to copy you and Cheese? I want to be a copy cat and stay in seedy hotel rooms and chew tobacco with you and her and Songbird. Then we can all smell alike cause I want to be like all of ya'll.

Love, Mindy

Sue said...

Dear St. Casserole,

You know, teh Cheese does smell delightful! I noticed this (though clearly not at the crime scene, er, Birmingham Incident) but rather in Nashville.

I wish I had bought some Amazing Grace when I had the chance. We have no such stores here.



cheesehead said...

Dear St Casserole,

Here I was trying to feel all poopy about myself today and you go and make me laugh until I wet myself.

If Mr C complains about his shampoo, you just take your AG out of the shower and hide it. Then you say to him, "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't."

The hair mousse was a travel-size bottle of John Frieda Frizz-Ease, which I bought down at the Wally World. Plumbing bill forthcoming.

Songbird said...

Dear Cheesehead,
You may be trying to feel all poopy while wetting yourself (ew!), but I am pretty well ready to shave off my hair, in which case I will merely need a nice moisturizer or a hat rather than travel-size versions of wonderful products.
Not liking the half-grown-out grey,

Presbyterian Gal said...

Goodness me, you all certainly know how to party!!

1-4 Grace said...

yes, Cheese did smell good...not like cheese at all.
I am gonna try to order some AG!
Sue- go to Sephora dot com and they carry Philospy stuff. I have used their Miracle face stuff and you would never know it, but i am actually 72 years old. Not reallly.
Anyyow, i do wish i had Cheese and St Cass to fix my hair tomorrow. I am officiaiting a big wedding in Tiger Country.
I have remembered Cass's comment, "You are too young ot have a hair do." So, no hair do tomorow, just lossey goossey. I did get my roots doen and so I am my not natural color again.
Sue, did you get a better pciture of the cats butts?
I know it is late, but i am at my folks home and was just awakend by the raccon's secod coming this week. He keeps stealing my dad's tomato plant seedlings. They are on patio and he takes thel ittle cups in his mouth and walks off. The cat hissed at him through the comfort of the sliding glass door. Brave little Chelsea Belle!
okay, so miss y'all! ZWish you were here to drink, fix my hair and laugh with me.

1-4 Grace said...

Okay, so for the longest tiem I have been wonderign about hte tiny wheelcahir by the word Verificiation box....I am slow to try things.
Anyhow, tonight curislity finnaly got me and I click on the little wheelchair.
Have y'all doen it? It says, "Listen and type the numbers you hear."
Okay, so if you can't read the letters that dont make up rea. words, then I assume you can't read (or maybe see) and if you can't read, then how are you gonna know to type the numbers you hear?
This makes as much since as the braille at the automatic tellers at banks.
I know the rest of you ahve already doen that by now, but it was a first for me tonight..
Also, ahve no idea how this feature coudl be os use for thsoe who must use a wheelcahir.
Yup. it is late in Eastrn tiem zone too. ;)~

1-4 Grace said...

Oh, Sue.
Just checked. You can get sephor shipments to Canada. The ywill tell you the real tiem exchange rate amoutn, etc before you check out.
The stuff I liked was Hope in A Jar and When Hope is Not Enough.
Love that.
Plus, the sephor catalogs are supereb. The women wear eye makeup and such, that i woudl never wear, but woudl secretly like to.
Oh, did liveo nedge this week and get cute flowers painted on toenials of my big toes. They are white, with black center and glittery.

Cathy said...

If you buy AG through Amazon - RGBP would benefit - would you like me to set you up a little AG store?
The word verification for me is qekynf which makes me think of quick enough.

Cathy said...

Here is the Birthday girl set -- philosophy birthday girl gift set

my word verification is getting longer - so it is probably thinking danger danger to me as a commenter jkdzmmge

Cathy said...

and here is the shower gel
philosophy amazing grace perfumed shampoo, bath, and shower gel
You know you want some. all the cool girls/gals have it.

St. Casserole said...

Cathy! You are cracking me up! Seize the marketing op for selling through our Amazon account!

P.S. Would you be my stewardship chair for my church this Fall????

St. C

Cathy said...

well, we don't want to go around stinkin' or anything... and since we need to smell good for teh clooney, it might as well be through amazing grace.

Seems like great things can happen through the comment blog of the Great St. Cassie.

St. Cassie, if you saw our budget at local church, you might reconsider. Need I say anything about the summer months?

Mary Beth said...

So Cathy, if I buy AG thru one of your links will I be helping the RG's? Because I am ALL ABOUT helping thru shopping. Which is why I am here in the first place...

Cathy said...

Honey chile, we can have an Amazing Grace RGBP party right here if you wants it.

The above links have the RGBP code embedded in there and if you want more, we can sprinkle them all over St. Cassies' comment section if she will allow.

Songbird said...

I do believe Mary Beth's first comment ever about RevGals was to say she was buying a t-shirt since it would benefit a charity.
Or was that a thong? ;-)

Cathy said...

well, believe it or not - they have thongs too -- but they are a bit... well, we could have a flip flop party - but thongs.. . Mindy would surely blush and have to cover her eyes, and I might have to also.

St. Casserole said...

Smelling good is good.

I like Amazing Grace by Philosophy. Cheesehead wears it and if it's the Official Scent of Cheesehead, then I endorse it.

St. Casserole, smelling JUST LIKE Cheesehead and proud of it!

P.S. the Amazon link has a customer feedback comment that AG smells like grapefruit. do not believe it!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Wait *slow on uptake*, you can buy perfume through Amazon? And flip flops? Holy cow.

*cough*cough*waves hand*, what's that cloud of wonderful smell here? Great perfume!

St. Cassie, if you have actors in your congregation and need some funny short bits for stewardship, let me know if I can write something for you.

cheesehead said...

For the record, since St C wanted to know every product I use:

1)facial cleanser: Purity
2)Super-magic anti-wrinkle stuff: When Hope Is Not Enough
3)Moisturizer: Hope In A Jar
4)At-Home facial peel: The Microdelivery Peel
5)eye-lip stuff:Hope In A Tube
6)under-makeup spackle: The Present

Plus, every form of Amazing Grace ever made. All of these products are by Philosophy and can be purchased at or

Don't even get me started on makeup. We'd have to bend the space-time continuum to make room in teh internets for that.

Cathy said...

Amazing Grace how sweet the smell,
that saved some scents for thee,
I once was tossed, but now am found,
by Cassie and the Cheese.

Thank you thank you thank you.......

Cathy said...

Cheesehead and all:

All of these are available from that big place that is named after a river in South America.

Digging out my Oil of olay...

Sue said...

Cathy, you're cracking me up with your twist on Amazing Grace!

Thanks for the list cheese. I'm heading over to Amazon to order my birthday present. Ok, my birthday is several weeks away, but still...

Sue said...

Oh, and I meant to add a word of encouragement for Songbird and the whole growing out the grey thing. I'm in the VERY early stages (I have about an inch of silver/grey) and already I can see that the next 6-8 months are going to be a struggle.

But then I think of all the money I will save by not having to colour every 4 weeks! And I think about how FAB-U-LOUS grey hair can look (your friend Blue Window is a great example).

Hold on, friend, and if you decide to do a Britney and shave it off, at least take pictures.

Presbyterian Gal said...

You're good with those jingles.

And you guys growing out the grey are HEROES!!!

Cathy said...

My hair is about a inch grown out and my hair is almost white --- how did THAT happen! Anyway - I didn't get it colored last time I got it cut since I am going to the beach and I know what the sun and chlorine will do.

REally and truly folks, if you just plug in the stuff you want through the Amazon search and then what area (e.g. beauty) you should be able to find what you want and RGBP will receive a small percentage. Every little bit helps. Any more questions feel free to ask!

Songbird said...

What I need is a new hairdresser. Mine changed shops and of course no one will tell me where she went. I don't like my new haircut, although the new young lady is very nice. I think it's time to really take off the colored ends and that scares me. I need a more mature hairdresser to talk me through it. I can't come to Hotlanta with this checkerboard hair that goes all schwoopie on the sides. It upsets my nerves.

Songbird said...

Ruby has always been teh gorgeous, ever since we were tiny little children. Her hair has been utterly enviable at every age, length and color.

Cathy said...

Songbird - usually hairdressers will let you know where they went -- I have been following mine like a lost puppy dog for 18 years. Do you know if she still is in the area?

Songbird said...

I think she's too young to have grasped that, Cathy, although she's so good, I'll miss her.

St. Casserole said...

Songbird, some people get their hair colored to match their roots. This then helps the time pass while growing to one's God Given Color. If you decide to go this route, please refer to all hair coloring as "conditioning". I refer to Rule 126.5A of the Girls Book of Things to Know. Words like "hair color", "hair dye" and "coloring" just isn't right.

I can relate to your situation when I think about how miserable it is to grow out bangs when one has hacked the heckfire out of one's bangs.

You are a pretty girl whatever your hair is doing. We all think this.

St. Casserole said...

I meant "aren't" right. LD came screaming though our home about a large bug in the kitchen. Dang it! Correct all the grammar, construction and spelling!

Cathy said...

Good morning friends,
I would like to share with you that in looking at the reports, our Tupperware, I mean, Philosophy party was successful - items were purchased!

zorra said...

A word to Songbird, becaus I think she may have been mildly or very slightly influenced by my statement that I had long since jumped off the coloring bandwagon:

Stay strong. You can do this. And I think St. C's suggestion of getting the rest of your hair conditioned to match the roots is a great one. You can get a really cool new cut at the same time if you want, and then you will be more than ready for Hotlanta.

zorra said...

A different really cool new cut, I mean. And that will address teh schwoopie issue, too.

Songbird said...

Dear friends,
Today I tried a different combination of products, which helped with the schwoopies. Thanks be to God for that, because I don't know how anyone could possibly stand up to preach with Severe Schwoopie Syndrome.
I am going to look for a new hairdresser tomorrow.

~Mad said...

I contributed to your local Humane Society and you sent me a "stuffy". What is the picture that accompanies your June 22nd post? I am a cat lover~

St. Casserole said...

Mad! Happy to hear from you again. The picture is one I found on Google images. Cheesehead gets tired of talk about cats so the pic is a joke about her being a cat fleeing the hotel room.

Hope all is well with you!