Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In No Particular Order

I need these things:

a chipper/shredder
electric hedge clippers
somewhere to put these and other yard work tools

a Scottish fold kitten, from good stock

a plumber
a carpenter
an electrician

time with my friends
another great dinner with Mr. C like we had last night

no hurricanes until I'm 76 years old
money to repair Little Church from the hurricane damage
someone to show me how to re-wire and wire lamps (I just need to see someone do this in front of me, videos on the 'net don't seem to help)

for my preacher group to heal and be kind to one another again
for consistent internet accesses
for my children to keep their cell phone fees below the national gnp of small countries

I need all this.

St. Casserole, waiting


more cows than people said...

Lord, hear her prayer. Amen.

Buddy said...

Ok, I want no hurricanes at all, even when I am 76. I can't help you with the cell phone charges. Sometimes I just have to become the wicked witch of the south with my teen....but I can help you with these:

I have an extra electric hedge trimmer/clippers that you can have. Somehow I bought two for the price of one by accident.

I also have....courtesy of Red Cross money....a chipper/shredder that you can borrow if you can transport it. (It fit in my van when we bought it) It needs a bit of repair before you can use it, but I am very serious about you all borrowing it.

Your friend in Slidell

Lorna said...

amen to the last one.

oh Buddy you are GREAT for offering these things to St C. Bless you

Songbird said...

A Scottish Fold kitten? They really are cute. But wouldn't Whistle and Fish be jealous?

Mrs. M said...

I'd sign that petition to God.

zorra said...

Here you go:

Swing by here,and we'll drive up together.
(But if I come home with a kitten, I'll have to find a new place to live...)