Friday, June 29, 2007

We went to a church dinner party with Mr.C's church people. The guests are my people, too, since I've known them all for years. The food was great, the guests pleasant but what did we all end up talking about?

Katrina. The Big One.

Everyone at the party is back in their homes (seldom the case with any large group) but homeowner's insurance is slowing down re-building. Home prices are way up which sounds good but it means you can't sell your slab property to build a new home because buyers aren't available. Many people haven't gotten their insurance settlements yet (almost two years now!) or didn't get enough money to re-build. Finding a reliable contractor is tough.

It's time for Michael Moore to do a "Sicko" expose on the Insurance Industry (known around here as the incarnation of evil in our lifetime.

Just saying,

St. Casserole


Songbird said...

Michael Moore says sometimes it's enough just to threaten that he's coming, so maybe people ought to try that! It's terrible that recovery can be delayed by greed; there are enough other factors making it difficult.

PPB said...

Totally out of idle curiosity--is Mr C something other than Presbytubian? Or does he just prefer to not be the pastor's spouse?

Lorna said...


St. Casserole said...

Mr. C. is a presbytubian and attends the church near our home while I wander off into the country to Little Church. The family was settled at his church when I became the pastor at L.C.

Mary Beth said...

That is exactly spot on. Michael Moore, where are you!?

In the meantime, what should the rest of us be doing? I mean, besides a zillion mission trips. Those are important, but clearly don't solve the big problems like radical change in the insurance industry.

Should we all write our congresspersons and complain about the insurance industry? is there a national organization of complaining people we could join? I am serious.

This is beyond ridiculous. I am spitting over here.