Friday, June 08, 2007

A. my computer is running faster after the Computer Guy realized that LS laptop takes all the bandwidth when left on. doesn't sound quite right to me, but that's what CG said.

B. Fish's fracture IS healing and he'll get a new cast Monday. Our vet got my firey letter about Dr. Awful, D.V.M. but didn't apologize for my rough treatment from the relief vet. I don't suppose our vet knows how to do this.

C. I miss LD who is up at the sacred (at least to me) Presbyterian conference center in N.C. where at least one adult leader thinks Katrina damaged New Orleans and no where else.

D. Temps are in the 90's here. Hotter than hot this morning at 5 a.m. Yuk. Pass the ice tea!

E. I'm glad to be back online. I've forgotten all the Pulitizer quality blog posts I thought up while I couldn't use my study computer.

As ever,

St. Casserole


PPB said...

glad you're back

Teri said...

I'm still fuming over the leader who was so awful to LD...

I'm taking my senior high youth group to New Orleans at the end of July (gross hot time) and am working hard to inform them and the other adult leaders (and the rest of the church!) that New Orleans isn't by any means the extent of the damaged area. I don't know how well they're taking it in, but hopefully they won't be saying any stupid things....