Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Emyl Jenkins' Mystery keeps My Guests Waiting

I received Emyl Jenkins' Stealing with Style for Christmas. The LH gave me a great group of books but I've begun reading the Algonquin books our LSiL gave me. Could not put down antique appraiser Jenkins' first novel. She's written books about antiques but now she's got a great mystery out which combines the charm of a cozy novel with antiques. There's a priest who loves antiques in the book! Discussion about antiques, how dealers and pickers work!
I had to tell my guests that I couldn't do supper because I couldn't put this book down. I am ready to read Emyl's next book about Sterling Glass the antique sleuth.
The cover of the book is beautiful and though I seldom notice covers, this one is is gorgeous. And, the cover relates to the book which is a great thing.
Guess what? You can't buy this book until June 10, 2005 when Stealing with Style is released. My problem? I want to read her next book RIGHT NOW.
Clergy who love antiques! I'm with you, Emyl, and please keep the character in your next book.

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