Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve

I'm happy now. Our children are home. Tonight doesn't seem like a great night for a young driver to be out nor does it make sense for a 12 year to go to the teen center on NYE. Really. Stay home with the mama and the daddy.

If I ever did anything wild on NYE it was so long ago that I don't remember it. I just want to be home with something good to eat. The LD requested homemade chicken pot pie which I made for supper. The pie turned out well and the family finished off the entire dish.

New Year's Eve reminds me of too much alcohol being consumed by a parent when I was growing up. Don't want that as an adult. Don't think drinking is cool or interesting or fun. Just don't.

My distaste of alcohol isn't for religious reasons although I've seen enough church people with drinking "issues" to last me for the next 30 years. I'm not interested in alcohol because I spent time watching people drink when I was a kid. The adults would get loud. The adults would get mean. The adults were no fun.
When I left home, I covenanted with myself that I would not drink to excess nor spend time with people who drink heavily. This vow saved me from marrying a fellow seminarian who spent years after seminary being a drunk. I loved that boy but couldn't deal with the alcohol. He's sober now and happily married as far as I know. Good for him. He got out of the trap. The LH drinks lightly which I watched closely when I was courting him. He can take it or leave it although his cardiologist suggested a beer or glass of wine each day so he has a tad in the evenings.

I lost a close friend years ago over alcohol. She wasn't in an accident although I hear she has come close to having several wrecks. What I mean is that she became more interested in drinking buddies than me. After all these years, I still miss her. I can talk with her in the daytime but not late afternoon or evening. By day's end she's on her way to loud chatter.

My ministry helps keep me from alcohol not because I want to be a holier than thou but because I want to be available when needed. I'm a small person so alcohol works quickly in my bloodstream. If I do have a glass of wine I don't want to drive or have to handle anything important. I can't be available to my people if I'm drinking so I don't drink.

I'm one durn party animal, aren't I? Too bad. Being a dour Presbyterian and mom takes all my party animal energy.

Happy New Year, thanks for reading. God be with you in the New Year.

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