Monday, December 06, 2004

Second Monday in Advent

One of the things I like about bloggage is the way it shows our interconnectedness. I heard from another blogger that a visitor couldn't contact me through my comments section. I have the tech ability of a rattled squirrel but I did figure out how to open my comments. I hope I am opening the blog to health rather than junk stuff but we will see.
The elders of my congregation re-affirmed our relationship yesterday at the Session meeting. Did it in such a sweet way by telling me that they loved me and wished to continue our relationship (of pastor and people) for another year and did I feel the same way? Charming and so dear. Their request and mine will go to the Committee on Ministry sometime early next year and then after a vote by Presbytery, we will be officially related for another 12 months. Lots of paperwork and phone calls but by Gosh! We Presbyies are going to do our work together decently and in order or we will NOT DO IT AT ALL!
If my congregation was larger and more wealthy and I lived in their Community, I'd ask to change the title of my status with them. However, our present status works well for both of us. I'm very committed to my last years with LS before he goes to college and with LD as she tackles the treachery of adolescence. I'm home most afternoons when school gets out. I'm HERE and this means something to me as a parent who wants to be with and connected to her children. I don't know if the children notice my presence but then, what else do they know? And, to my sorrow, there aren't many years left with them at home. LH and I waited all of our lives for these children and they are growing up and leaving us in a few years. Rats! (Advent permitted cussing, I checked.) LH makes all kinds of adjustments to his schedule to be with the children. I love that man!

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Anonymous said...

Hello St Casserole!
I am so happy to be able to interact with your blog! I don't know if I am the one you are referring to re the visitor who couldn't contact you via comments but last week in frustration I did e-mail Blogger, your weblog publisher, to ask why I couldn't post a comment to your blog. They never responded. The difficulty I had was that the only window that came up when I tried to comment was one saying I had to set up my own blog with them.

Anyway, I don't mean to be anonymous but that is how your comment section is set up so far. I go by the nickname "Pup" and if we ever read the same blogs you may see my name in other's comment sections as well. I don't have my own blog yet but am thinking about it. I sure enjoy being the other half of the blogging equation, however: the appreciative reader and commentator.