Friday, December 10, 2004

Justice v. Just Us

I am thinking about how the recent election has implications for those who are awaiting trial. Particularly, I am thinking about those whose charges would be dropped if Kerry had been elected. Isn't that a grim and cynical thought? Why isn't justice even-handed? Why does it matter who is "in charge" when accusations and formal charges are brought? Where is the world where justice means fairness and equity instead of who wants to get rid of who?
This business of living between the promise of God's Kingdom on earth and the fulfillment of the promise is tough. And, I am not someone who thinks the U.S. should be a Christian country. We Christians will be resident aliens bringing our message of reconciliation, forgiveness and hope in the midst of dark misery forever. Trying to force others to live in a christian environment doesn't make sense to me. But then, I am not a contemporary fundalmentalist.
Back to my thoughts on the recent election. There are, around the U.S., citizens waiting trial for this, that and the other, who would be really free now if Kerry had been elected. Their charges would be dropped and their lives could go on without waiting for a trail. These citizens were charged because of their political associations and (I'm thinking about the Democrats now charged by Republican A.G.'s etc.) have done nothing more than what their Republican counterparts have done for years but because they are Democrats their behavior is a crime and they await trial. It breaks my heart. It is so unfair. It is not right.
Justice is not fair. Whoever is in power gets to decide who should be brought before a grand jury. Does a Grand Jury ever decide to drop charges? Only the prosecutors present the charges. No defense is heard. So the Grand Jury of citizens who are there because they are doing their civic duty or forced to do their civic duty say, "If this Big Cheese says so-and-so is guilty, they must be guilty." I don't fault the citizens, I fault the Big Cheeses of this world who are not impartial, not fair and who have rigorous personal agendas which cause wild harm of their fellow citizens.

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