Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Herbsaint in New Orleans pleases Saint Casserole

Yesterday, in New Orleans to show our guests around, we ate lunch at Herbsaint. The perfect restaurant for St. Casserole and her gals. LD, LLS and LSiL were with me for this wonderful lunch.
The lunch menu has beautifully presented foods with reasonable sizes so one may choose from soups and salads, small plates and main courses. I had the gumbo which was the most delicious dark warm brown colored roux flavored with beef. Gumbo is as personal as a nail polish color so each restaurant shows off it's version. Herbsaint's andouille sausage with shrimp and crab was close to perfect. LSiL had the shrimp stuffed deviled eggs with baby spinach and bacon vinaigrette which arrives piled high with fresh greens on the plate. LLS chose fish on top of a potato hash fried patty. Later, the small plates arrived with homemade spaghetti with pancetta and fried-poached egg. I was surprised by the batter fried poached egg on spaghetti but then was told about using egg in carbonera which makes sense. I forget about how wonderful flavors and textures can be in food. This lunch recalled all the other surprising and great meals I've eaten in New Orleans. My main course grilled salmon sandwich with avocado, arrugula and lemon pickle mayonnaise was great. The lemon pickle mayonnaise along with very thin sliced red onions was perfect with the salmon. Lls did the white wine flight while I stuck with my "I live in a tiny place in the backwater Diet Coke." LSiL had expresso at the close of the meal while Lls ate (and shared) the eggnog brulee. LD had homemade ice cream. Service as quite good without intruding on our vigorous conversations during the meal. Loved all of it.
Herbsainte is at 701 St. Charles which means it's a quick walk from the Quarter. Street cars run the route but with all the tourists the week after Christmas, we decided to walk. Beautiful clear day in New Orleans. Not hot, not humid, just right.

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