Friday, December 17, 2004

Old Man Cat Update

The Vet called tonight to say that Rusty's wound has been cleaned, meds given and that the Greatest Old Man Cat in the World was doing well. She said that he may be able to come home from Cat General Hospital tomorrow morning. Rusty is 88 in human years and could not get away fast enough from whatever animal bit him. I asked the Vet to take photos and molds of the bites then go after the prep. I don't listen to Kay Scarpetta books for nothing!

She said she wanted me to rest easy tonight knowing that the Greatest Ginger Old Man Cat in the Entire Solar System is doing well. I think she's letting him watch old movies on TBS. Whatever he's doing, I know she is taking good care of him and I appreciate her phone call.

I'll go put on my bathrobe rather than my hospital visting clericals. 'Nite All.

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St. Casserole said...

Rusty will come home on Monday. The vet says he is eating well and his wound is looking better. I miss my cat! His housemate, Andy misses him, too. Lots of meowing and searching for the Big R.