Monday, December 20, 2004

Things I Wish to Leave Behind in 2005

Finding crushed M&Ms under the rugs.

Cats, who healthy and happy, feel that it is a personal integrity issue to use the expensive clean Litter Box and prefer to leave signatures elsewhere in our home.

Blow-in cards in magazines with offers of subscriptions. Plus, perfumed inserts. Plus plus any insert in a magazine which upsets the smooth opening and reading of the magazine.

Finding kleenex, aluminum pop tops, paper or melted candy bits inside the clothes dryer filter.

Empty toilet paper rolls left unchanged with no other toilet paper available within reach.

Finding leftover milk remains in cups/glasses/mugs in children's rooms after the remains have changed color and become heinous.

Searching for one's book only to find that someone else has started reading it and taken the book so you cannot find it.

Glasses in refrigerator with 1/4" of orange juice being "saved" for days and days.

People who allow their dogs to use our front yard as a toilet even though we don't have dogs. Come clean off our shoes, ok?

Methodists who dump their car ashtrays in our front yard while parking on our grass while they go to worship the Lawd across the street at their UMC church.

The local newspaper publisher who writes the dumbest editorials on superficial subjects and takes up space which could be used by writers with even half a brain.

Rabid republicans who take any and everything possible from the government all the while decrying government interference. Example, getting one's shots at the local health department while screaming about paying for low-income healthcare for others.

Garage sale sellers who act as though they are doing you a favor by selling melted tupperwear lids and yukky clothing. Let's have a kinder attitude, ok?

People who think the "Left Behind" series is good theology and mainline Protestant. Oh, puleeze!