Friday, December 31, 2004

Hopes for the New Year

Resolutions, hopes. In random order:

1. Continue with the preacher's group.
2. Read more books on preaching, NT theology.
3. Read more history. Any time, any era.
4. Say less to people. Say it better. Say it more lovingly.
5. Enjoy Presbytery somehow.
6. Be consistent with creative projects. Keep a project going.
7. Show gratitude.
8. Develop a way to sell antiques to specialty buyers.
9. Be joined at the hip with LD as she goes through early adolescence.
10. Develop an interest in financial matters.
11. Dig in the dirt more. Plant more. Prune with vigor.
12. Have people over for dinner. Have parties.
13. Get rid of clutter.
14. Return phone calls more quickly.
15. Write out prayers.
16. Dance to Aretha Franklin when using the vacuum.
17. Learn to roll with the political punches.
18. Make good scones.
19. Pray, think, do.
20. Stand up straight and keep my eyebrows clean.

1 comment:

Willie Wonka said...

happy new year. <:)