Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dibley D'Wayne Guest Blogger

I survived Katrina with my four humans, my sister Assumpta and my older brother Andy. My humans own cat carriers, a car and a bag of cat food. Not all pets were this fortunate. Many pets died in the water because their humans didn't know what a big hurricane was coming. Some pets got lost from their humans. Some pets were hurt by the stuff in the water and the big wind. I have a new home with four humans and two Cat Cousins. This is my Cat Cousin, the younger one. All the cats here are black except me. I am orange or as my British pals say, "ginger". I am playing in an office of my humans here. They let me and Assumpta run around the house. At night we have a cat party and everyone stays in the kitchen. The humans here don't want cats walking on them at night. Isn't that strange?
This is what I see when I look outside. This house has a screened porch! I can hear birds! I can smell stuff! I can see outside and feel the breeze! Is this beautiful or what?
Here is another picture because it is soooo pretty.

This is my sister, Assumpta, sticking her head through the bannisters. This scares my Mom so we do it often. I fell through the bannisters last week and my Mom screamed! I was fine but her heart beat fast and she kissed me 47 times.

This is a picture of my really great human I brought from my home. I love her. She plays with me and hugs me. I purr for her.
Andy went back to my old home to take care of the LS and the LH. He is in a safe place with clean water and food. I hear that he is happy but confused about why the trees are gone. He popped me on the head with his paw the last time I saw him.

At my home, before the hurricane, we were building a new home for the humane society. The old building was 50 years old and stinky. I was rescued by my family from this shelter. I liked the humans there because they took care of me and helped me find a new family. Now, Katrina destroyed the old shelter and the new shelter isn't ready yet. But all the lost animals are ready NOW for help. You can send a donation to Larry Ray, a board member of the Humane Society of South Mississippi (HSSM). You can write HSSM on the check. My mom will put the address in the comments section. She knows Larry and knows the good work of the HSSM.

I miss my old home but if I have my humans and my sister with me I'll be ok. I wish all cats (and even dogs) had what I have in my new home.



St. Casserole said...

HSSM Disaster Fund (make checks payable to them. Send donations to "Larry M. Ray/ 5109 Lawson Avenue/Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

Many thanks. I have respect and affection for this organization.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Now....how can we not help with such a wonderful spokescat as that?

Songbird said...

I'll send a check today. I've been mulling about where to make an animal-related donation. Thank you, Dibley, for telling us about the shelter. I'm glad you have such a pretty home-away-from-home and are safe now.

Sue said...

Thanks Dibley!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for this good info, Dibley! The check's in the mail. :)

I'm also taking a bag of cat food to my local library in your honor...they are collecting it to send over that way.

My momma kitty Tiger says hey! to you and your Mom too.

Purechristianithink said...

My cat has some freshly killed mice to offer--should she ship them to that same address??

mibi52 said...

Your kitty pals Spooky and Mia will send something as well. Thanks for letting us know how things are going - we love the pictures!

Lorna said...

loved this. thanks

St. Casserole said...

Gues† Blogger Dibley here:
My sister dropped my toy fur mouse in the water dish yesterday. Yuk!

St.Casserole here: Thank you for your donations to the HSSM. Every bit is appreciated!

I am praying for those in Rita's path today.