Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pop Quiz

Dear Students:
Thank you for your comments of pronunciations (see post below). Here is the pop quiz question:
How is New Orleans pronounced?

Saint Cass UH role


Songbird said...

New awR-lins (?)--that's how this Virginian-by-birth learned to say it. But I have relatives who pronounce Portsmouth "Paeuwchmuth" and Norfolk "Naaww-fuk" and Baltimore "Bawlmer" so I suppose there is a case to be made for:

And, by the way, it's "Bang-gore" Not "Banger."

Sophia said...


I've always thought it was "nawlins" but if you're from the Philly area you wouldn't say that. You'd sound silly. At least I would. :-)

Purechristianithink said...

Noo Awlins

Rev. Mike said...

New Or-lans. Just read an article last week by a native, who said that "New Awlins" is a dead giveaway you're a tourist.

Quotidian Grace said...

I vote with Steph--"nawlins". That's how we say it around here.

cheesehead said...

What MIke said. Although folks up here often say "New orLEENS".

But not me.

Mary Beth said...

New Orlins.

sort of sounds like "boilin's"

What! you don't use the expression "a boilin' of beans?"

there's North Florida for you.

zorra said...

In the Mississippi Delta I grew up saying New Orlins, but my NOLA-native college suitemate, who grew up within walking distance of the Camellia Grill, said Noilins in "...that accent that occurs south of New Jersey only in New Orleans, that Hoboken near the Gulf of Mexico." (John Kennedy Toole) May it live forever.

annie said...

I think the correct pronunciation depends on where in Louisiana you are from.

Like Songbird, I say New R-lins, most of the time. Sometimes I probably sound like I am saying Norlins.

If I am in very proper company, I would enunciate more carefully, saying New Or-lee-uns.

The pronunciation I find most distasteful is New Orleeens.

Just my two cents worth.

annie said...

P.S. -- I just asked my youngest how to say New Orleans. She says it is "Norlins", and compared it to her pronunciation of "Miss Sippi."

Various accents have been one of the topics of the day, since we have had some New Orleans students enroll in our area schools.

St. Casserole said...

Good discussion here, students.

Why hasn't a Coast newspaper featured an advice column by "Mrs. Cippi"?