Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging on Saturday

(Left) Here is a Cat Cousin who escaped from the front door. She is being a good pal to Assumpta and Dibley although she is teaching them to climb porch screens and hang off railings. In this picture, she wonders if her butt looks big in this pose. I say she is beautiful.

(Right) St. Casserole Toes Post-Katrina. My new best friend Jane and I had our toes done to cheer us up. We eschewed OPI Cajun Shrimp because all the images of shrimp from New Orleans are gross. Instead Jane picked an OPI Tulip Something color for us. She is the child of Presbyterian Missionaries to the Congo so without thinking about it "tulip" means something to us if only a nmemonic for how to remember Protestant Principles. Oh well, it was funny when I thought of it...

My feet are in battle worn Birks but my feet are on dry ground. God be with those who are walking through the flood waters on the Coast and those whose noses are filled with the smell of the dead. My LH took a tent to a Church in Biloxi yesterday after making a complicated route to get there. The roads are buckled. Trees are in the roads, wires down, etc. He drove along a street north of the railroad tracks off Division where EVERY home on both sides of the street had a black X mean a dead body or bodies was inside. The church people didn't know what the X means because they don't have televisions and their radio batteries are drained.

I feel so sorry for those suffering. I am bereft that I am separated from my LH as he deals with all this. We are such a team after all these years that it feels odd to not be there to share the load and process the pain with him. I spoke with him by cell phone last night and he told me three times to stay put and not come home now.

Our LD is settling into school here and attended a school dance last night.

The dissonance between what is going on with my people at home and what I do up here is awful. Awe-ful. I may need to so talk with a therapist or discerning pastor.

St. Casserole


mibi52 said...

Hang in there, Cass. You are doing the right thing being with your daughter now. You will be home soon enough, and your people will be there too.

What region in Congo did your friend grow up? My PH was an MK in the northwest corner, up in the Ubangi. Parents were medical missionaries for the Ev Covanent Church there for more than 30 years.

The nail color is fabulous, by the way. I do believe a good pedicure is the equal to three psychotherapy sessions.

Cousin cat is darling, and looks like our own Spooky. Spooks thinks she's not a cat, but a space-efficient panther. glad you have the kittens to soothe you.

Know you're in our prayers a thousand times a day. You touch more people than you could know, and you are loved.

Aola said...

Your toes are very pretty, love the color.
Glad you and Jane have found each other.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Quotidian Grace said...

TULIP toes--how fab!

Our presbytery has several clergy support groups. Does the presbytery where you are now have some? That might be a way to find someone there who could listen and talk to you one-on-one about being a displaced pastor in this situation.

Prayers continuing for you, family and church.

Songbird said...

Oh, bless you and your tulip toes. Of course you will want to talk to someone; which one of us wouldn't, in your situation? I continue to think of you and hold you in my heart and prayers in a surprisingly orderly fashion for a disorderly UCC pal. :-)

Anna said...

Absolutely go talk to someone, St. Cass. Your burden is way too big for one person to carry, and a good psychologist or a discerning pastor will know how to help you lay some of it down.

Blessings and prayers to you. I'm painting my toes today, but there's no way they're going to look as good as yours!

Sue said...

Love the tulip toes! I agree with mibi52's asssessment of a good pedicure as therapy.

Cat Cousin is so beautiful, and I'm glad she's being a good hostess to Assumpta and Dibley by teaching them some cat habits like climbing screens.

I can only affirm what others have already said about working through all of this with a therapist or mentor.

Peace to you and yours....

Kathryn said...

Have just painted my toes too, in a mad gesture of solidarity which at least makes me feel better...So glad you have Jane to do such things with,and really that you are safe with LD, even though a part of you longs to be with Mr Casserole. Definitely think time to find someone wise and loving and talk, talk, TALK. Can't imagine how it all feels, but still praying for all of you. cousin the image of our Chloe (mother of my handsome, fluffy Tallis) who is likewise sure she is really a panther, or perhaps a jagular (as in Winnie the Pooh). Much love xxx

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your pieces of normal and mourn for your pieces of not. PPB

the reverend mommy said...