Sunday, September 18, 2005

Entertaining t-shirt on eBay

I looked at pictures of the Coast taken after Katrina this afternoon. I don't even recognize what I'm looking at. Landmarks are gone.

My down-the-street neighbor emailed to say that he was glad I was in NC because the neighborhood is such a mess and the creature comforts gone.

I'd like to see my people, though.

St. Casserole


Lorna said...

St C

you'll know when the time is right to see your people. But I know it's tough right now - very tough.

blessings and love

Mary Beth said...

Maybe I missed it long are you planning to stay? Will you stay on with LD through the school year? Or have you gotten that far yet?


Anonymous said...

me an' expeditus are jammin'


Songbird said...

That has to be hard, St. Casserole. Continuing to pray for you.