Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I doubt I'll ever have this much idle time again. I have hours to fill with reading, cleaning this immaculate house, weeding the beautiful yard and watching the kittens and Cat Cousins.

I'll return to the Coast late next week, I hope. I want to hug my husband and stare at my beautiful 17 year old son.

Yesterday I went to Replacements, Ltd. in Greensboro. Replacements is the China and Sterling heaven. Every pattern of china and flatware on the planet in one large box building. I didn't buy anything as I have plenty of china and flatware although I wondered if I should buy dinner plate sets for my pals who lost their homes. I decided against it because I'd hate anyone to choose china for me. Replacements has huge place settings from not much money to over-the-top prices. My favorite item is the Spode Cat Dish at $49.99 in a blue/white classic pattern. Didn't buy it. Spode has a dog dish, too.

Back at my LLS's hometown, I wandered into the thrift store to dig through the junk. I haven't talked about junk much in the past three weeks but will later. My hometown is a pile of junk now. I hear the debris in front of my house is taller than a tractor trailer truck. Great.

At the thrift store I found two bolo leather neck things. I may bring back bolo-wearing to the revgalblogpal set, don't know yet. One bolo has a sterling disk, the other is a Laurel Burch cat thing.

The book section was remarkable. I guess if there are 15 Ph.Ds per square foot here, even the thrift store book section is catalogued. I found four "cozy" mysteries to send to LH's secretary who lost her house in Katrina and loves to read mysteries. Will mail these today.

I found a treasure trove of Covenant Life Ciririculum books from the old PCUS in the '60's. CLC was a watermark of lay scholarship for the Presbyterian Church then with great books for adult classes. I recall that the teen books were great, too. I studied The Worry and Wonder of Being Human by, I think, Al Winn as a teen.

I found a pristine copy of The Mighty Acts of God by A.B. Rhodes ! The CLC series was popular enough to be taught for years so churches had piles of the series. Over 40 years, the piles were tossed out and the books became difficult to find. Has a ThD studied the CLC to trace the series' influence on pastors and laity of the time? I'd read it.

God bless my traveling LLS today. She's in Iona. May God grant her the benefit of her pilgrimmage.

St. Casserole


Songbird said...

I imagine you're wondering what sort of man your boy has been becoming in your absence.(((St. C and family)))

the reverend mommy said...

Oooo.... Replacements Inc. Oooo......
That sounds like fun. No Spode kitty dish?

I keep thinking of you -- the LH and I are setting up for an estate sale. Lots and lots and lots of stuff. And I am having difficulty pricing things -- I think I'll do the random method.

And if I find a Spode kitty dish in the clutter, you have first dibs.

Lorna said...


glad you'll go home soon though it will be painful :(

will your daughter stay on where you are .. for school etc. or what?

she's been in our thoughts and prayers so much.


Becky Ardell Downs said...

Gotta love that Covenant Life curriculum. I grew up on it. I'm teaching Shirley Guthrie's Christian Doctrine to my adults right now.
Your kitties are beautiful! And good bloggers.