Friday, September 23, 2005

Many of you, like me, enjoy waking up to my Mrs. C, St. Casserole to the world, and reading her thoughts. The other day, LD, somehow managed to change obviously important settings and now the East Coast compound for Casseroles has no computer for a day or two.
So, a guest host. Mr. C.
It is a cloudy day here along the Coast. Sprinkles remind us of Hurricane Rita’s presence to the South, which also makes people behave strangely. Yesterday, a rumor had FEMA confiscating all gasoline. Obviously, FEMA did not do that. What did happen was that a FEMA official said it would be prudent to fill your gas tanks because of Rita. Every gas station had long lines (queus to our British readers) until gas ran out. Rain is a bittersweet friend. Its cools us off. A wonderful thing as our trees are gone or leafless and the heat is so strong. Rain also scares those thousands who have temporary tarps or roofing and terrifies those living in tents.
Mrs. C’s older cat, Andy Roddick ( a stray appearing during last year’s US Open), started limping the other day and, though I saw nothing then, he was bleeding today. Andy is smart and street wise. He saw the cat carrier and hid, but I had the crack cocaine for cats–Tuna–and lured him into the cage. He is now at the Vet’s getting help, complaining loudly, and speaking ill of all Casseroles, wherever situated.
Mrs. C called. She is fine. She is coming home next week. By then we will have all the basic house hold comforts. We got power and water and telephone the other week and, perhaps, cable this week (our internet source). I firmly believe that one key to a happy marriage is never having one’s spouse where there are no working bathroom facilities. There are other rules for a good marriage, but if your bathroom isn't working, one can't even remember the others.
Hope all is well with you, Bye.
Mr. C


Mary Beth said...

Dear Mr. C.,

Thanks SO much for this update. I had been feeling a little frantic, not having seen an update in this space - especially with the hurricane coming - not sure what St. C. would say to make me feel better, but I bet she could! :)

Glad you will be together soon.

Mary Beth in North Texas

SpookyRach said...

You sound like a wise man Mr. C! Enjoyed your update!

Lorna said...

hey Rev Gals and others, don't you just love this guest blogger?

Thanks for the update. Praying for Jesus to calm Rita and that you are ALL safe and well - including Andy R the cat.


nightwoodkitty said...

Mr. C, it is your sister. I'm in Glasgow right now. True to form (at least in family lore) I'm away during a US danger - or in the country where there is a danger- but following it in the British press. Glad you are keeping the English-speaking commonwealth apprised of Andy's health. love to you and my LN.

Aola said...

Thanks Mr. C. I always enjoy your posts.
Here's hoping and praying that you guys can get back to some form of "normal" living soon.

Cathy said...

Mr. C is such a wise man. No bathroom makes for grouchy women!

I like the idea of guest bloggers!

reverendmother said...

Yes, I do hope to hear from Mr. Casserole from time to time even after things settle down.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog-girls,

Kind of you to comment. Mrs. C will be so proud.

Having sister in Scotland is a frightening occurence as most places she vacations seem to erupt in revolutions and coup d'etats. Hoping the Queen and our Scottish relatives are spared.
Mr. C

mibi52 said...

Mr C-
In the argot of the part of the world where Mrs. C is staying: "You done gooood."
Thanks for the update; we worry when we don't hear from you guys.