Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I drove LD to her new school this morning for her first day of classes. She looked tense and determined. We practiced how to respond to insensitive comments from classmates: Why do you live there? Your're from _______, are you stupid/country/racist? She has a rather tart mouth (who'd she get this from?) so I think she'll do fine but I'd prefer that she blow off the comments without sass.

You ask what you can do for the Casseroles in the earlier post comment sections. We have what we need right now and I trust that my LH and LS will have power, phones and etc. soon. I think we will be fine although it will take time for my LH to build back his practice. I'm away for an indefiinte time from my congregation.

I'd like for you to find a refugee-evacuee family and tend to them. They will need clothing, household goods, a place to live, work, food and your concern. You can't do everything for them but you can try.

I am in good loving company here so my emotional needs are considered. I have a yard to dig in and a house to clean for my LS and LSiL so I have something to do. Other evacuess won't have the comforts we have here. If I've felt enervated and lost, they will feel this, too. I pushed myself yesterday to do anything. I struggle with grief every minute. You are needed where you are to comfort your "new" people.

On a lighter note (I hope I have many lighter notes in the days to come), having Assumpta and Dibley with us is great. Nothing like charming kittens to cheer one up. Both kittens sat on the LD's lap in the back seat of the car on the way up here. They slept and purred for miles. Now they are in a two storey home with inside steps! Now they have a screened porch so they can sit looking out at birds and bugs with their older cat cousins in the mornings. The older cats are eating the kitten food; the kittens are chowing down on Big Cat food. Everyone is getting along with a tad of hissing and only a few protest meows.

I am considering working on a sermon this week because I miss the routine of preparing one. I could just do the exegesis and some commentary surfing (0n the 'net because my books are at home) then make an outline of a sermon I won't preach.

Maybe you could send book gift cards to some of the preachers on the Gulf Coast who lost their churches. I would find it sad to build another theological library after all these years.

Thinking of you all,
St. Casserole


Becky Ardell Downs said...

all my prayers for you and your family-- God is with you.

Mary Beth said...

You could preach your sermon to US. If you felt like writing it.

So glad to hear from you. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

We are okay. Office gone. House okay with minor damage. Trees being cut as we write. Perhaps your church could adopt one of our churches (I can find you any denomination) and help them rebuild.

Mr. C

reverendmother said...

Oh my goodness, I didn't even think about losing the theological library. There are so many little and big facets to this...

lilly said...

so glad you are safe ..and i stand with you in your sadness...
thanks for the idea of sending books or book cards to pastors and so glad your library lived through the storm.
i'd love to get some students to help with rebuilding a church you think christmas break or spring break would be too soon?
and i ditto the sermon on the blog! we could all use it!

Songbird said...

I would hope that kids would be nice to a late-arriving new girl from Hurricane Land. I wish you were here, where I feel I could guarantee it! (I would love to know who your UCC hosts were...)

St. Casserole said...

Mr. C!!! What minor damage to house???
St. Casserole

P.S. Glad you are ok. I miss you like the dickens

Kathryn said...

We do love you alot, here in blogland, you know...The Atlantic feels wider than ever right now, though, as I long to DO things and not just send more money. The news this evening said that because of danger through contaminated water supplies people were being discouraged from returning/remaining even if their houses were I do hope all is well with Mr C and LS, ands that they are being prudent as well as loving...
And I'm delighted that those kittens are purring a breath of normality into your devastated world.
Prayers continue. Much love xxx

peripateticpolarbear said...

Please send me an email at
ppolarbear AT comcast DOT net. I may have something that can help with one of the things you mentioned.

Mary said...

Mary beth took the words right out of my fingers.
So glad the kitties are providing joy and normalcy to you.
Wishing you much light.

seawitch said...

Glad to see you made it.

David said...

St. C
How I wished I had made one of the coffee gatherings so I could put face with "blog".
Today my wife and I worked many many hours setting up a medical clinic in LB / PC. I am wiped out, totally - and for many reasons. I havent' cried yet. It's a weird thing, I usually don't hold my emotions in check very well. I dunno.
Wow - gift cards for books! I lost my entire library. Great idea (he says in a selfish tone).
I am praying for your child. We will decide the next day or two what to do with our 6th grader.

Lorna said...

st c could you send me an email with your address I'll explain then

it's Lorna at heavenlytrain dot com

I would really love it if you could post your sermons here. I had this idea that the REV gals could each hold a service - praying esp for your family's needs and your city's. We could all read your sermon and be linked with you in this way.

As Kat says we feel so far away here in europe, but you are on our hearts. please know that

I know we are all on diff time zones but that is ok. God's sense of timing is SO different to ours

and heaps of hugs

halloweenlover said...

Thank you for the suggestions St. C, it is so hard to want to do more and not know how. This is great.

Good look to the little one, I hope they are kind and friendly also at the new school.

mibi52 said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. We are starting to get "storm children" (remember that from Prairie Home Companion"?) in our area, and the clergy are organizing homes, support, etc. Our bishop sent $$$ to the Bishops of Louisiana and Mississippi to help with the rebuilding. We expect we'll all be doing such work for a while.

Yes, yes, preach to us. We should hear what you have to say, having gotten through this maelstrom. I know it will inform your preaching. Let us be your loving listeners for a while.

We had a brouhaha in our church this week - we have some ex-NewOrleans members who are really hurting. Rector preached from the lectionary - rather dry, didn't touch on the hurricane at all...what was he THINKING? Of course, the folks with family and friends in the area were greatly unhappy. I've been busy trying to comfort those who are feeling hurt, including the rector, who though clueless, is not malicious.

So much pain!

Glad Assumpta and Dibley are adjusting to their new digs - the love of a pet is such a comfort when we feel discombobulated, isn't it?

I wonder if Cokesbury and Abingdon and the other thological presses would offer special deals so we could all help pastors restore their libraries?

Hugs to you, my dear.