Thursday, September 15, 2005

Missing LH

I miss my husband. He's down in the Pine Grove with our son. May I still refer to our neighborhood as the "Pine Grove" even though all the pines are gone now?

After my mother died, my LH spent three weeks at a professional school out West. I didn't know what to do with myself. We'd never been apart from one another for more than a week but I survived.

I'm not a clingy person. Really, I'm not. I'm just happier when I can see my LH every single day.
We talk on the phone when the phones work (our local phone company will be happy to repair our home service by the third week of November, let's give a 'shout out' for incompetency!).

My LH is my favorite person and the one whose perspective I rely on when life is chaotic.

If you see him, tell him I miss him.

Maudlinly Yours,
St. Casserole


mibi52 said...

You're allowed to be a bit maudlin. You're amazingly un-maudlin, under the circumstances. I have had that feeling whenever I'm away from PH for more than a day - like a little burn mark in a corner of your heart.

Lorna said...

You love him
You miss him
and your lives have been torn apart in so many ways right now

all you can do
is hold onto God
and his promise to 'restore what the locusts have taken'(Joel)

run up a phone bill when you can
and send kisses and hugs over the air

Now is the time to grieve. Take the time - and let the tears fall. And when the laughter comes again it will be so so precious.

Hope your daughter is doing ok in the new school etc. My daughter is 13 and she's been asking about your family.

hugs ((( missing LH )))

St. Casserole said...

Our LD is adjusting to her new school and making new friends. A neighborhood girl visits and laughs with LD. I think LD is finding her way around her school better each day. Her home room teacher is kind and loving which helps. Thanks for asking!

the reverend mommy said...


Aola said...

I hate it when my husband has to be gone. I'm used to him working all the time and being gone some but when I lay down in bed at night I like him there.

Hopefully, you guys will be together soon.