Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hello from the Big City!

Every last one of you needs to add coming to the College of Preachers to your list of "things to do". It's lovely here and as comfortable as can be. The meals are fabulous, the rooms comfortable and what-else-can-you-say about living on the grounds of a national cathedral?

This well planned conference is going smoothly. The organizer should be proud of herself. The funding agency did a good thing by underwriting the conference.

But, I am so very hot in this Big City heat that I am ready to fold up into a ball and jump into the ice maker. Hogwarts isn't hot necessarily but it is not as air conditioned as we are on the Gulf Coast. I sleep with a fan blasting towards me. The rest of my day I prowl around looking for a/c vents and cups of ice.

The conference is going on as I write this. I found this nook with cold air and cannot tear myself away to return to a beautiful room filled with people where I become so warm I feel ill.

Thank goodness there is a slight flaw to being here or I wouldn't return home.

Y'all doing OK where you are?,

St. Casserole


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Doing well here thank you. Miss you but I am glad you are enjoying yourself.

Atticus said...

Back at the Beach on the Piney Woods:

Daughter still suffering from poison ivy, but still has not made the connection to the larger picture of I-want-to-but-cannot-ever-weed-again. Has 3 parts in play though complaining of looking like a leper.

Son puts on tie and practices sales, a job he believes he can do while maintaining the high academic standards required in Frat life.

Animals pine for you, having gotten used to having constant attention and care. The injured cat is sleeping on his injured leg and standing up, all of which seems to me positive examples of pain free healing. Dog says it is too hot outside and you should come home and turn up the AC and lie on the brick floor with her.

Missing you.
Mr. C

Mary Beth said...

Sorry about that heat. They need a good old fashioned swamp cooler, no?

LadyBurg said...

The image of your prowling around looking for AC and ice, makes me giggle. It has been unreasonably hot lately. Sorry.

I hate being hot too!

1-4 Grace said...

It is hot here too. Can't get my car too be cool enough on short trips around town.
I am to the point of seeking a call in the Arctic Circle. Is there a PCUSA there?
Seriously, I dislike being really cold too, but at least whe nit is cold, Mel cuddles with me.
Glad you are enjoying yourself and hope you stay cool

Presbyterian Gal said...

Glad you are having a good time. Hope your days cool off some from now on.

Too busy at my house. Scary too busy. As usual *sigh*.

When you get home can I come over and lie on the brick floor with you and Dog?

Stacey said...

Hot, so very hot. Glad you're here!

Diane said...

even with the heat, I wish I was there.

zorra said...

I don't like being too hot either. But it can't be hotter there than it is here. I wish I could come and hear the things you are hearing.